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TV Select + Internet

$89.98 /mo*

For 12 months

Triple Play Select

$102.97 /mo*

For 12 months

Triple Play Silver

$132.97 /mo*

For 12 months

*Offers are subject to change.

Break Free from Subpar Services

A number of providers offer internet, TV, and telephone services. Most of these providers try, but fail to deliver the best. Only a handful of providers actually get the certificate of your satisfaction. You choose your service provider based on the promises that can only be verified once you actually agree to a contract that binds you for a few years. A couple of months in, and you realize that it was a mistake. Breaking free seems to be the only option but it takes a hefty toll on your pocket and you fear to pay that hefty amount without getting any services at all.

Charter Spectrum™ is here as your breaker of chains and liberator of contracts. You just have to make the decision of getting rid of your existing provider and switch to Charter Spectrum™, the rest is up to them. Choose Charter Spectrum™ and get the option of a contract buyout valued up to $500. You don’t have to tolerate poor services anymore, switch today and get the best!

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Charter Spectrum™ Services

Life in the 21st century is about connection, entertainment, and expression. Charter Spectrum™ offers a trio of services that fulfil your internet requirements, offer you a wide variety of channels, and a phone that lets you speak your heart.

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Internet is all about speeds, lightning fast downloads, and lag-free gaming. Charter Spectrum™ offers download speeds starting from 100 Mbps and reaching gigabyte speeds. No matter how you use it, there is always room for more. You get to play games, stream videos, and surf internet, all at the same time without experiencing any slow speeds or lag!

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Charter Spectrum TV™ plans are a little more than your entertainment box. You get to take your entertainment wherever you go and on-demand services offer thousands of options for you to re-watch your favourites from the past. That’s not all, you get HD channels that cover sports, movies, seasons, child programming and more!

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Charter Spectrum phone™ is a connection to your loved ones that lets you express your affection and love. This service enables you to say all you want, and not only within the country but to multiple destinations around the world. With Charter Spectrum Phone™ you are never short on talk time!

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The Charter Spectrum™ Family

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Charter Spectrum™, over the years, has invested billions of dollars to expand and update their infrastructure. These investments ensure that you get reliable services that are at par with the latest technological requirements. This also explains the reason why Charter Spectrum™ is amongst the fastest growing services in the country.

All these investments and upgrades were made possible by the untiring work of a team that works 24/7 and 365 days a year. A workforce that comprises of 100,000 workers ensures that you get the best services in the country. Such a large number of people work together creating reliable services that translate into a growing Charter Spectrum™ community.


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Charter Spectrum™: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Getting a new service provider is a risk that everyone has to take once in their lives. This decision entails a commitment that you have to fulfill for years to come. There’s no guarantee that the decision you made will prove to be good. You only get to know the decision after you’ve paid the first monthly subscription but by this time it is already too late to turn back and jump ships.

Charter Spectrum™ offers a guarantee that lets you off the hook and ensures that you get the services you need. An extensive network and latest technology help make sure you get the highest possible quality with stability in affordable prices. Get Charter spectrum services and decide in 30 days whether you are satisfied or not. This 30- day money back guarantee is an offer you just cannot miss!

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The Charter Spectrum™ FAQS

Charter Spectrum™ is a legacy brand that merged forces with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable to form Spectrum Communications. Charter Spectrum™ offers internet, TV, and phone services.

Charter Spectrum™ has invested millions of dollars in its infrastructure which ensures maximum coverage with quality service. The best way to know serviceability in your area is to use your pin. Follow the link and use your pin to find out best available offers in your area!

Your monthly subscription and annual Charter Spectrum™ bill depends on the number of services you have opted for along with the respective packages. However, you can reduce your Charter Spectrum™ bill by getting bundles that offer savings and lots of extras!

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