No data caps? Check.

No contract? Check.

30-day money-back guarantee? Check.

Affordable pricing? Check.

Well, sign me up already!

Ziply Fiber is a new entrant in the fiber connectivity arena of the United States. Not only does this provider offer symmetric fiber speeds at affordable rates, but also ensures that its customers do not feel entrapped within long-term contracts or overage charges due to data caps. So, if you’re interested in the provider’s proposition and wondering, ‘is Ziply Fiber available in my area?’, then stay tuned to find out.

Ziply Fiber Internet Plans & Pricing

Internet Plan Symmetric Fiber Speeds Monthly Pricing Data Caps Contractual Obligation  
Fiber 50/50 50 Mbps $20 None None Order Now
Fiber 200/200 200 Mbps $40 None None Order Now
Fiber Gig 1,000 Mbps $60 None None Order Now
Fiber 2 Gig 2,000 Mbps $120 None None Order Now
Fiber 5 Gig 5,000 Mbps $300 None None Order Now

In case your area does not have fiber connectivity yet, Ziply offers DSL internet too:

Internet Plan Max Speeds Monthly Pricing Data Caps Contractual Obligation  
Ziply DSL Internet 115 Mbps $50 None None Order Now
Price shown before taxes & fees. Restrictions apply.

Important Stats about Ziply Fiber & its Coverage

  • Ziply Fiber has now become the 12th largest fiber internet provider in the United States.
  • Ziply Fiber covers four states i.e. Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon.
  • Ziply Fiber internet offers DSL and fiber connectivity to 341 zip codes in the country.
  • Ziply Fiber participates in multiple government assistance programs including Lifeline, Affordable Connectivity Program, the K-12 Internet Access Program, the Rural Health Care Program, the Service Provider Information Number (SPIN) program, and the E-Rate program, and facilitates hundreds of families with fast internet access.

Wrapping Up: Is Ziply Fiber available in your area?

This blog post shares all the required information for you to make a decision about Ziply Fiber internet plans. Before making up your mind, however, make sure that it is available in your area.

You can either go to and enter your zip code to see its availability or you can contact Ziply Fiber customer service at 1-844-765-6709 for one on one assistance.