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Xfinity xFi Overview

Xfinity xFi packages deliver a personalized WiFi experience with remarkable features that fulfill your internet browsing needs. When you sign up for Xfinity Internet services, Xfinity will send a technician to set up the network equipment in your home. That technician will also consider an evaluation of where the xFi Gateway should be placed for enhanced coverage of the wireless range.

You can also self-install the device within minutes. Overall, the Xfinity xFi generates a wholesome WiFi environment, offers a set of handy WiFi tools, and brings unified control into your hands. With xFi, managing your wireless network is easier than ever. Let’s learn more about it below.

Xfinity xFi Pods

xFi Pods are extenders that, when paired with xFi Gateway, can create enhanced coverage, so that you can receive wireless signals in areas around your home that are considered dead zones. In short, these extenders make sure you receive consistent WiFi signals in your home.

xFi Gateway and xFi Complete

With Xfinity Internet services, you can choose to rent an xFi Gateway or xFi Complete. It all depends on what your requirement is.

  • xFi Gateway is a built-in modem and router that delivers internet connectivity around your home. You can manage and control your WiFi and enjoy Advanced Security with xFi Gateway.
  • xFi Complete is a bit pricier version and includes xFi Gateway and unlimited data. It also syncs with xFi Pods for an extensive wireless range around your home.
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Advanced Security

Xfinity xFi has a built-in tool called “Advanced Security” that monitors any device connected to your network. It will alert you about any threats that are detected in the connected devices and block them. No additional software is required to use xFi Advanced Security since it is a built-in feature.

Parental Control

As a parent, you must be naturally concerned about what kind of content your children are watching on the internet. With Xfinity xFi, you will have access to controls that will allow you to limit the amount of time a specific device (i.e. your child’s device) can spend on the internet. It also automatically blocks suspicious websites.

xFi App

You can also control and manage the settings of your home network from your phone with the xFi app. You will be notified about what devices are connected to your home network, manage parental controls, and do so much more remotely. You can even restart the xFi Gateway through the xFi app without having to physically move toward it.

Xfinity Home

With your xFi app, you can also access and manage your Xfinity Home service – Xfinity’s very own smart home platform. Xfinity Home offers 24/7 professional monitoring with home security features. It needs an xFi Gateway to connect to so that you can access it from the xFi app.

Buying Your Own Equipment

Although Xfinity recommends xFi Gateway for an enhanced user experience, you can still buy your own third-party router and modem. However, you will have to make sure that the third-party modem or router is compatible with the Xfinity network.

However, there will be certain features you will be deprived of. If you look at the table below, assembled by Xfinity, about the differences between the two xFi products and your own equipment, you will get an idea about what you will be missing out on if you don’t go for the xFi Complete or even xFi Gateway.

 Your Own Modem & RouterxFi GatewayxFi Complete
20 million secure WiFi hotspots nationwideYesYesYes
Xfinity appYesYesYes
Ultimate controlNoYesYes
Advanced SecurityNoYesYes
Unlimited Data+$30/moNoYes

It might make sense to buy your own equipment as a cheaper option, but xFi Gateway offers more value and benefits in terms of its features, justifying its pricing.

Contact Xfinity Customer Service: 1-844-207-8722

Wrapping Up: Is xFi worth it?

So, there you have it. All the things you can enjoy and have access to through Xfinity xFi packages. Have a safe browsing experience with Advanced Security, get wireless signals anywhere in your home through xFi Pods, manage parental controls, and much more. It doesn’t stop here. Sign up for Xfinity services to explore more.