Xfinity internet speeds up to 100 Mbps

Starting Price

$20.00 /mo

The internet speeds, prices, and availability may vary from address to address. Plans may be subjected to a service agreement. Additional fees and terms may apply.


Xfinity xFi is a personalized experience that allows you to manage your Wi-Fi and its setting in your home. With an Xfinity internet connection, you are getting to use the Xfinity xFi gateway with its super-fast smooth and seamless connectivity for lag-free internet connection. There might be several good internet service providers around, but there are none like Xfinity and you’ll find out why.

Xfinity xFi internet

Xfinity internet provides the option for both physical and wireless internet connection, and you can avail both through Xfinity xFi.

The internet speeds with Xfinity are available from something as low as 50Mpbs to as high as 2G, all designed according to their availability. Xfinity Internet service is available in 36 states across the US, and it has all been listed below according to their specific regions. Keep in mind that prices for each region vary.

Northeast Division

Internet PackageDownload Speeds up toUpload SpeedsPrices
Performance Starter+50 Mbps5 Mbps$29.99/mo (Online Only)Order Online
Performance100 Mbps5 Mbps$34.99/mo Order Online
Performance Pro200 Mbps5 Mbps$39.99/moOrder Online
Blast!400 Mbps10 Mbps$59.99/moOrder Online
Extreme Pro800 Mbps20 Mbps$69.99/moOrder Online
Gigabit1.2 G35 Mbps$79.99/moOrder Online
Gigabit Pro2 G2G$299.99/moOrder Online
Order Online

Central Division

Internet PackageDownload Speeds up toUpload Speeds up toPrices
Performance Starter+ 50 Mbps5 Mbps$20/moOrder Online
Performance100 Mbps5 Mbps$40/moOrder Online
Blast!200 Mbps10 Mbps$50/moOrder Online
Extreme400 Mbps20 Mbps$50/moOrder Online
Extreme Pro+ 800 Mbps20 Mbps$60/moOrder Online
Gigabit1.2 G35 Mbps$70/moOrder Online
Gigabit Pro2 G2 G$299.95/moOrder Online
Order Online

Western Division

Internet Package Download Speeds up to Upload Speeds up toPrices
Connect50 Mbps10 Mbps$19.99/moOrder Online
Connect More100 Mbps10 Mbps$34.99/moOrder Online
Fast300 Mbps10 Mbps$49.99/moOrder Online
Superfast600 Mbps20 Mbps$64.99/moOrder Online
Ultrafast900 Mbps20 Mbps$74.99/moOrder Online
Gigabit Extra1.2 G35 Mbps$84.99/moOrder Online
Gigabit Pro2G2G$299.95/moOrder Online
Order Online

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Cost of Xfinity xFi

The rental charge for the Xfinity xFi gateway is $14 per month. Unfortunately, Xfinity isn’t selling the xFi gateway at a one-time cost or will let you choose your own xFi modem. Rather, Xfinity decides which xFi you get based on your internet plan. This might sound a bit too steep, as compared to other wireless routers/modems being charged up to $10 per month. However, the difference is that Xfinity xFi is fancier and promotes an incredibly personalized user experience.

Features/Perks included with Xfinity xFi

There are some of the amazing features you get to enjoy with your Xfinity xFi gateway device.

Advanced Security

Along with the router/modem, the Xfinity xFi gateway has a built-in advanced security system installed that is designed to provide a secure internet connection to all your devices. It also provides you notification of any security risks which can be easily viewed and managed from the Xfinity app on your mobile device.

Xfinity xFi login

With Xfinity internet services, you will be given your own authenticated username and password, which can be used in the internet settings from any of your devices.

Xfinity xFi app

You can use your Xfinity xFi login credentials to log in to this app. You can manage your home Wi-Fi with the help of this app, along with a home automation system. You can set up the Wi-Fi environment, change passwords, view who’s online and currently using the internet, view camera video, manage parental controls and troubleshoot issues. There is also an option for restarting the xFi gateway. All of these can be possible with the help of the Xfinity xFi app.

Xfinity xFi Pods

Pods can be paired with your Xfinity xFi gateway to provide extended Wi-Fi coverage to your home. Pods help cover the areas that receive weak Wi-Fi coverage so that you can make the most of your wireless internet connection. The maximum speed that can be delivered over the pod is up to 500 Mbps. An eligible Xfinity xFi pod device is available for purchase at $119, or two for $199, along with a shipping and handling fee.

Parental Control

Parents are always concerned about the kind of content their kids are viewing on mobile devices when they are not around to keep an eye on them. Xfinity xFi has the option for you as a parent or adult to limit the amount of time or content that underage children can stream on mobile devices. The control also allows parents to restrict certain websites.

Xfinity hotspot

With Xfinity xFi, you get an option for two hotspots so you can create a separate line for your guests to use without interrupting your internet connection. Also, you can access the Xfinity internet hotspot anywhere in the country as long as you are subscribed to Xfinity internet services.

Xfinity Flex

With Xfinity Internet, you also get Xfinity Flex, which is a 4k streaming box for movies and TV shows. Xfinity Flex doesn’t have a channel subscription, rather it has a huge library of movies, TV shows, TV specials, sports programs, etc. for their subscribers to view on demand. Subscribers can also stream a bunch of other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, etc.

Wi-Fi Pause

This feature allows for freezing the internet connection for a group of devices or just one specific device. A Wi-Fi pause can be scheduled through the Xfinity app to manage productive hours. You can also pause the internet connection for some devices when you are out of the house, and that is made possible through the Xfinity app!

Self-install or Professional installation

Xfinity will send a technician to your house to install its services and set it up, all for a fee. Each installation fee is different for different services. However, if you prefer, you can also choose to self-install the whole thing and Xfinity is extremely cooperative about that. For self-installing, Xfinity will send over the Getting Started kit which contains all the things you need to set up its services in your home.

Getting Started Kit with Xfinity xFi

If you are choosing to install the Xfinity xFi gateway by yourself, you will receive the following things in your Getting Started kit;

  • A Getting Started guidebook
  • xFi gateway
  • one coax cable
  • one Ethernet cable
  • power cord

The guidebook will show you where each of these items goes. As soon as they’re connected, you can turn on Xfinity xFi and activate the internet service to be used on all your mobile devices. Moreover, you also have the option to buy your own router/modem, however, Xfinity recommends making sure it is compatible with their internet services.

The same procedure also goes for Xfinity phone and cable TV services; Xfinity will send over the Getting Started kit to make the self-installation process easier for you! Or if you want, you can always opt for professional installation.

Summing it up – is xFi worth it?

In most areas around the US, Xfinity services are the most widely used. Even if you have other options, Xfinity xFi is worth trying out. The level of control you can have over your home internet connection with xFi and security features are its main strength, along with the overall user experience. You can enjoy other perks that come with it like xFi pods, Xfinity Flex and much more.


What is Xfinity for?

Xfinity xFi gateway is a modem plus router built-in together to provide seamless internet connectivity right to your home and business.

How can I get Xfinity xFi gateway?

You can get the Xfinity xFi gateway when you have subscribed to Xfinity internet services.

How much does it cost to purchase Xfinity xFi?

Xfinity xFi is not available for purchase, rather it is provided to you with a monthly rental fee of $14 per month.

How can I subscribe to Xfinity internet services?

Subscribe to the Xfinity internet services to get a high-speed internet connection.

What are the features and perks included with Xfinity xFi?

  • With Xfinity xFi, you can have advanced security while surfing the internet on your devices.
  • You can also have Xfinity pods to increase the coverage of your wireless experience around the house.

How can I get Xfinity Flex?

You can own Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box if you have subscribed to any of the Xfinity internet plans.

What are other Xfinity services?

Other Xfinity services include Xfinity mobile phones, Xfinity cable TV, and Xfinity phone services.

Is there a fee for having Xfinity services installed into my home?

Yes, there is a fee for installing Xfinity services in your home.

What if I don’t want to pay the installation fee?

If you don’t prefer paying the installation fee, you can always opt for self-installation which is completely free of charge. Xfinity will send a Getting Started kit which includes a guidebook on how to install along with the equipment needed.

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