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Xfinity Stream App for Business enables Live TV Access

Author: Loraine Updated: 26 Sep, 2019

Recently what has been reported is the exciting news of Comcast Business publishing a streaming app for the people at offices. It means that people sitting in the offices at their respective free time or break slots, in the waiting rooms, for a meeting, on a break or whenever receiving a chance, could watch TV on their phones and that too, free of cost.

People, who are fond of watching live sports or, in fact, shows like, Game of Thrones, can fix their break-schedule in accordance to these shows. This way one may not feel lagging behind when it comes to these shows, sports or even news. It is important for a business or workspaces to have at least one form of entertainment. What better medium but a TV for entertainment? It’s just not about entertainment. TV is about knowledge, art, information, news and a lot more than what it seems. Having a TV session at office would cut your employees some slack. The significance of entertainment through games, sports or shows lies in the idea that employees work best when they are energetic, happy and comfortable in their work environment. If a session of entertainment is successful in achieving this goal of keeping employees at ease and peace then why not?

There are many other advantages of live TV streaming at office. The employees would be alert, attentive and active at all times. They would know, through short breaks of watching news, whatever is going around them, in the city, in the country. This would benefit the employees most when it is the football season, or around elections – the time when people need minute-by-minute updates on whatever is going around the world, or around the country. If it is snowing heavy, one could see the live streaming of local news channels to see which roads are blocked, or clear, to make the decision on taking specific routes on their way back home. Such are the times when one definitely needs to check whatever is going around the country.

 As the report says, Xfinity live streaming of TV is the facility that provides its users with some of the best TV channels. The specific lineup of TV channels depend on the Comcast Business TV package one has opted for oneself. It will also depend on the location of the business. Another great feature of this application is providing you with the ability to have five users concurrently streaming the content on their devices. The user of this application can have the application installed on tablet, computer, smartphone or through the Xfinity Stream portal (which would be on the user’s laptop or computer).

One of the best things about this application is that, if you are a user of Xfinity, you can have this application installed in your device completely free of cost. No extra charges at all for Comcast Business TV PrivateView customers. If you’re running a business, Comcast business would be a great service for you as they offer Internet, Wi-FI, Voice, TV and Ethernet to your business. They also offer Managed Enterprise Solutions to help companies grow their businesses, irrespective of their size.



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