The world has come to a halt. Everyone is asked to isolate and limit social activities. From shopping malls to parks, everything has been postponed including all major sporting events and Hollywood movies due to the worst pandemic COVID-19 coronavirus. It is the worst pandemic in history after the Spanish Flu in 1918 that infected 500 million people (a quarter of the population).

The COVID-19 crisis is not going to end soon, and everyone is expecting even worse than the current situation. The lockdowns have been extended and people are asked to stay at homes to control the spread of the virus.

Presently people are confined to their homes and there is none other than the internet that comes to rescue socialization and interaction with others. In this worst scenario, Internet Service Providers have stepped forward to offer seamless connectivity along with other bounties.

The rewards and perks are not only limited to a few chunks of people but a whole population living in the United States. Apart from the usual activities such as browsing, socializing and streaming, the offers are meant to provide convenience to freelancers, remote workers, distance learners, and online entrepreneurs.

Xfinity is no exception is this regard. The provider has announced different plans and packages for its subscribers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Let’s find out what’s in it for everyone.

Households with Low Income

Internet Essentials is one of the most popular internet package offered by Xfinity for low-income households. New subscribers can avail free internet service upgrades on behalf of educational institutions shutdowns, work from home measures and company layoffs. Eligible subscribers can enjoy speeds up to 25Mbps, which normally costs $9.95 per month.

Wi-Fi Access to Everyone

Although the virus has restricted you at homes, somehow you need to manage daily household items including groceries and other necessary items – good news for everyone including customers and other people. In the next 60 days, everyone can get access to Xfinity Hotspots that are available for Xfinity subscribers without any cost. If you want to check the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots near your area, you can check the map available on various websites.

Unlimited data

Those who are heavily dependent on the internet including remote workers, distance learners, and freelancers will now get unlimited data for the next 60 days. It is beneficial for everyone present, as most of the people will be spending time at home. So, without worrying about reaching your data limit, you can enjoy binge-watching the latest seasons, distance-learning or remote working.

No disconnects or late fees

During this difficult time, Xfinity has come all the way to facilitate subscribers without any penalties. For instance, Xfinity will not terminate the services or charge extra on paying late fees, if the subscriber notifies them that they cannot clear the bills. In the time when the economy is collapsing and healthcare facilities are running short, stay connected, no matter whether you are short of finances or some other reason to pay late.

Other Updates

Xfinity has collaborated with its partners to go the extra mile in offering free content to customers more than before. To access the free content, just say “Free” into your voice remote.

Moreover, you can also access new education material, informational content, and news on the X1 receiver. To access it, just say “Education” in your flex voice remote to get access to new educational material for all levels. Also, stay updated on the latest Coronavirus new by saying “Coronavirus”. You will get all the information on COVID-19.

The present time does not allow you to watch your favorite movie on a big screen. But don’t worry, Xfinity has got you covered by providing more entertainment options. Xfinity is also making new release pictures accessible on X1 including Emma, Onward and The Invisible Man.

Dave Watson, Comcast Cable CEO, confirms that Xfinity is working day in and day out to ensure that their technologies and networks can manage additional traffic coming due to social distancing measures.

“During this bizarre time, it is important that a large number of Americans can stay connected to the internet for health, work and educational reasons. Our employees also work and live in almost every community we serve. We all share a mutual belief that we should step up and help out”.