Modern life requires a constant connection with your family and friends. Although, social media has made this communication a lot easier, choosing the right plan for your usage is equally crucial. You cannot have Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere you go. Therefore, you need to have a solid mobile phone plan.  Here are some of the prominent features of Xfinity Mobile Phone plans:

Sufficient Monthly Data

Xfinity offers many mobile phone plans that are both sufficient in data and fit in the budget. Nothing is more frustrating than paying extra to the mobile phone company and still not getting enough data. A good plan has flexibility with data usage. Xfinity mobile allows you to switch to shared gigabytes from unlimited data during the billing cycle. You can pay for more data if you need it. The good thing is that you will be paying the same price that you paid initially.

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Easy access to all

With Xfinity, you can say goodbye to the line access fee. There are many plans that let you have up to five lines included with the internet service, unlimited text messages, and nationwide calls. Moreover, you can have access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide so that you can save data for the times you really need it. On average, Xfinity customers use 3GB less data due to their access to the hotspots.

Get the best price for 5G

Join the new generation networking with Xfinity 5G and unlock the true potential of next-generation smart devices. The best thing is that it is included at no extra cost with your current Xfinity mobile plan. This means that you can make the best out of your devices no matter where you are.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with seamless network coverage whenever you are on the go. Xfinity offers the most reliable network nationwide. You can get 5G included with no extra charges. Moreover, you can get HD pass as well with Xfinity Mobile. For example, if you are in a stadium watching a concert or a game, you can still have good network access without having to worry about network congestion.

Xfinity Mobile Phone Plans

Xfinity Mobile has two mobile plans. The first plan is the Unlimited plan. This plan has unlimited data and you can add multiple lines depending on your usage. Xfinity Mobile cell phone plans are as follows:

Access to nationwide 5G Access to nationwide 5G
Lower monthly charge with multiple line pricing Shared data across all lines
Video Streaming in standard definition Video streaming in high definition
HD pass for better service quality in times of high network traffic HD pass for better service quality in times of high network traffic

$45/mo for one line

$40/mo per line
$80/MO TOTAL for 2 Lines

1 GB in $15/ mo

3 GB in $30/ mo

10 GB in $60/ mo

Is Xfinity Mobile Good?

If we could describe Xfinity's mobile service in a single word, we would call it unique. Xfinity offers a plan structure, a bundle-only model, and surprisingly rock-bottom prices. Therefore, it is like no other mobile carrier. Here is a small review of Xfinity Mobile:

Plans: There are two plans: Unlimited and By the Gig. The Unlimited plan is cheap as compared to all other providers but has more restrictions. By the Gig, the plan is ideal for people that don’t require much data.

Performance: Xfinity is powered by Verizon’s network and the coverage is on par with the best in the business.

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Customer Service: Xfinity mobile has great customer service. You can call the customer service whenever you like. The agent will help with all the queries regarding your plan.

Overall, the plans have a great value and that too within the affordable price range. However, Xfinity does data throttling and slowdowns whenever there is a congestion.


Xfinity mobile phone plans are quite affordable when compared with the other providers. There are plans for everyone. If you are someone who requires enough data, you should go with the unlimited plan. This plan has the option to add more lines. If you need service for the 2-3 people, you can add multiple lines. This brings great convenience.