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  • HD pass in areas with network congestion
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  • Access to nationwide 5G
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With this ever-pacing environment, one may require a constant connection with friends and family. Although, there are plenty of options to connect with everyone, however, you need a working internet connection no matter where you go. Therefore, you must have a good data plan to keep the communication. Unfortunately, you cannot get Wi-Fi everywhere you go. Xfinity Mobile has made that possible. Xfinity is a top-notch residential cable service provider. In addition to high-speed internet and cable TV, it offers mobile data plans as well.

Xfinity offers great deals for you. These plans have so many great features. Here are some of the Xfinity Mobile features:

Sufficient Monthly Data

Xfinity offers different mobile plans that are flexible and within budget. This is the thing about a good plan as it offers extensive data usage. With Xfinity Mobile, you don’t have to worry about getting over your data. There are unlimited data plans for excessive usage. Xfinity gives you the option to change the plan. For that, reach out to Xfinity Customer Service for help regarding the plans.

Easy access to all

Xfinity offers easy access. Now you can say goodbye to the line access fee. With Xfinity Mobile plans, you can have up to 5 lines included. This includes unlimited nationwide calls and unlimited text messages. Most importantly, get access to millions of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide so that you can save data.

Get the best price for 5G

5G technology is the landmark of this decade. It brings new possibilities and can help to revolutionize the modern-day tech industry. Xfinity brings the 5G network to your smartphones so that you can unlock the potential of superfast download speeds.

Stay Connected

Stay connected in this fast-pacing environment and get coverage on the go. Xfinity has a reliable network nationwide. 5G is included with no additional charges. Most importantly, you get an HD pass as well. This HD pass enables you to have maximum coverage in areas with network congestion. For example, if you are watching a game in the stadium, you will get good network access than others.

Xfinity Mobile Deals

Xfinity Mobile has two plans. The first one is the Unlimited plan which enables you to enjoy unlimited data. You can have multiple lines based on your usage:

Access to nationwide 5G Access to nationwide 5G
Lower monthly charge with multiple line pricing Shared data across all lines
Video Streaming in standard definition Video streaming in high definition
HD pass for better service quality in times of high network traffic HD pass for better service quality in times of high network traffic
HD pass for better service quality in times of high network traffic HD pass for better service quality in times of high network traffic
for one line
per line
$80/MO TOTAL for 2 Lines
1 GB in $15/ mo
3GB in $30/mo
10GB in $60/mo
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Xfinity Mobile Deals

Xfinity Mobile offers a 5G network. Having a 5G network is incomplete without a smartphone that is designed for those super-fast download speeds. Therefore, Xfinity brings amazing mobile deals for you. You can pay the full amount or pay it in easy installments.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The pinnacle of smartphone technology is here! Get the new iPhone 13 Pro Max with Xfinity Mobile and get $200 off right away. The 128 GB variant is available on a monthly installment of $37.50 per month. If you want to get the 256GB variant, you can get it at a monthly installment of $41.66 per month for 24 months.

iPhone 13 Pro

Xfinity offers the same offer with iPhone 13 Pro. Get the 128 GB variant for just $33.33 per month. For 256 GB, get it in just $37.50 per month for 24 months. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Samsung brings a great innovation in the world of smartphones with its other foldable device. This is for artists, gamers, and big-screen aficionados. Xfinity offers $200 off on the full price. You can get a monthly installment of $66.66 per month. 

There are other phones as well. You can check with Xfinity if you want to get a great deal on a cellphone.


Sign-up for Xfinity Mobile today to get a reliable 5G network, an affordable monthly plan for your phone, and have access to thousands of hotspots nationwide at no additional cost.