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Xfinity Extra is everything you expect it to be. While the name Xfinity represents the reliability with which the brand has served its customers over the years, the term “extra” tells you that you are getting something more than what others get. Today, we will be exploring the different channels the Xfinity Extra TV package gives you access to.

Sports Channels

Let’s be honest. More than half of America is super passionate about sports. Thus, if Xfinity wants to compete in America, the best variety of channels that can be offered are related to sports. These include channels of the ESPN line like ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 2 HD, as well as channels of the Fox line including Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 1 HD. NBCSN and NBCSN HD are also shown in premium quality. Alongside, all kinds of sports networks are broadcasted, ranging from racket sports like tennis and badminton to field games such as soccer.

News Channels

Don’t know what you’ll do without news channels? Well, you are fortunate to have landed on this page! We say this with so much confidence knowing that Xfinity has all kinds of news channels available in the Extra TV package. These include:

  • National news channels such as Fox News and Fox News HD
  • International news channels such as BBC America and BBC America HD

Other news channels you can watch as subscribers of Xfinity Extra are:

  • Bloomberg HD
  • Cable News Network
  • CNBC
  • CNN HD
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Factual Television Channels

With some schools being closed due to coronavirus, a lot of parents prefer that their children learn something from the television shows they watch all day long. Xfinity realizes how critical of a preference that is and caters to it by broadcasting a wide variety of factual-content channels.

These include channels about:

  • Nature such as National Geographic HD, National Geographic USA, Animal Planet, Animal Planet HD, Discovery Channel, and Discovery Channel HD
  • Education such as Educational Programming, The Learning Channel, and The Learning Channel HD
  • History such as History and History HD
  • Crime programming such as the Justice Network, etc.

Comedy Channels

So many Xfinity subscribers love to laugh. These laughs are the best shared by people when their families are around. This is why it is essential for your television to have comedy channels on it. Fortunately for you, Xfinity Extra does have the best comedy channels on its list. These include Comedy Central and Comedy Central HD.

Movie Channels

Comedy and sports are not the only types of entertainment provided by Xfinity Extra. In fact, the provider also offers the best movie channels so you can watch your favorite movies on your new flat-screen television.

Some of the movie channels you can watch of the Hallmark line include:

  • Hallmark Channel
  • Hallmark Channel HD
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD

Kids Channels

Your kid has been annoying you for a long while and you have no idea how to get them occupied with something? Xfinity Extra TV has the perfect solution for you as it broadcasts many channels that your kids will love. These include

  • Nickelodeon & Nickelodeon HD
  • Cartoon Network & Cartoon Network HD

Music Channels

We spend many hours watching music videos on our electronic devices. In fact, many people quote music as the only medium that makes them happy when they are sad. To feed your soul, Xfinity Extra TV offers a wide variety of music channels including:

  • As well as various channels of the “Music Choice” line

Prices Of Xfinity Extra TV Packages

Depending on your area, the prices for Xfinity Extra TV packages might be different.



This blog hopefully helped you realize just how much you can get out of the Xfinity Extra TV package. To know more about anything related to Xfinity, you can contact Xfinity customer service.

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