As we are all aware of the endemic crisis that has been caused due to covid-19 since last year. The dependency of people on the internet has increased more than ever, we have witnessed that most of the people are now working from home and all the schools around the world have shifted to online platforms. Though the routine is coming back to normal it is still advisable by the health professionals to avoid social interaction due to which WOW! internet is providing a service installation option to all their new users who want it to use WOW! Internet services.

WOW! internet self install process

WOW! internet self-installation process is easy to follow. One of the technicians will do all the wiring processes, that will be required outside of your home, and they will leave a self-installation kit at your doorstep. The delivery of the equipment at your address usually takes 3 to 5 working days. By opting for self-installation, you can save the money that is charged for the professional installation process.

once the equipment has been delivered you will receive a message on the mobile number or the email address that you have provided to the company and it is linked with your official account. You must look into things that should be there in the box that has been delivered to your address.  The equipment that must be there in the box is mentioned below,

  • An ethernet card
  • Internet Modem
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Power Cord
  • A how-to guide to help you
  • A guide with instructions in case if you are going to use your modem.

Once you have checked the equipment, you can start the process of installation.

Installation Step

  • Place your modem in a place that is clear from any clutter or huge furniture pieces, your pathway for the modem should be clear because otherwise, it will create problems for your Wi-Fi internet.
  • Once you have placed your modem, now you will need to find a coaxial cable power outlet to connect your cable, move your cable anticlockwise to adjust in the power outlet, and connect the other end to your modem. Make sure that, you connect your cable tightly because if it is loose, you will not be able to get proper internet signals and it can create other problems.
  • After connecting the coaxial cable, you will be connecting the power cord cable in your modem and a nearby power outlet. Connect the power cord cable carefully and turn it on.
  • You will notice the blue lights on your modem that should be static after 10 minutes but if they are not, there might be some problem with your coaxial cable. You can choose any other coaxial cable outlet and try again.
  • Once your modem has turned on, you can connect your devices with your Wi-Fi. You can check a sticker placed at the back of your modem or the side and it will have your address and network password.
  • Add the preshared key that is provided on the modem to connect your device with your internet. Once you connect your device, you will see a welcome screen by WOW! and if it does not automatically pop-ups on your screen, you can visit and the screen will pop up.
  • You will see three different options on your screen, you will need to select the ‘activate service’ option.  Fill the form that will appear next on your screen, it will require,  last 4 digits of your official account number, your last name, and your zip code. You can review the terms and conditions and click on the ‘submit option’. 
  • Once you have added the information you will get guidelines to follow and you will be able to login into your account portal. You can change the settings of your network and create your password.

Wrapping Up,

If you are looking to install your WOW! internet yourself, you will be able to save money. The installation process is very easy and if you still face issues after following the guidelines that are provided above, you can contact the WOW! internet customer service and ask them for help.

Frequently asked questions

What is WOW! internet?

Wow stands for Wide Open West is a telecommunication company that provides broadband cable internet, Digital TV, and home phone service in a total of nine States. They are providing their services in 19 markets with over 85000 subscribers. They are one of the best regional internet service providers.

Does the wow internet offer a discount?

They offer different packages that you can choose from. All the users who are signing up for wow internet are eligible to get a promotional discount on all packages be it internet, Digital TV, or home phone packages. The promotional discounted rate lasts for a whole year.

Is there any contract required?

They offer both options and you are free to choose an internet plan that does not require any contract.

Are there any benefits of choosing WOW! Internet?

There are many advantages of choosing our internet service such as, if you place your order online through a website you get free installation, this means that you can easily save up to $80 charge of the installation process. All those users who are always eager to get their services installed as soon as possible can take advantage of the next-day installation option.