Windstream Internet provides one of the best internet modems but if you face any technical issues with your model you can contact Windstream customer service at any time. If you notice an orange light and you are wondering why did it happen and how it can be fixed then you will find all the details here.

Windstream modem t3200 is one of the best models in the market which offers an amazing user experience. It provides you with the option to choose from 2.4 GHz frequency to 5 GHz frequency. It allows you to get a higher internet speed, and it is compatible with the Ultra high speed of 1GB data transfer rate. IT office Ethernet port that allows you to get high-speed Wi-Fi Internet. If you detect an orange light blinking on your modem, let us define what does it mean.

Why do I see the orange light on my modem?

There are only two rights that you can see on the modem, one of the lights is for power and it should be green all the time. The other light is for the connectivity, it should be green if your service is working fine. If you notice the red light that means your service is not working and you will need to report that, but if you see an orange light or an amber light, this means that your modem has the issue of limited connectivity and it is trying to connect with the server.

Things you can do when you see an orange light

There are simple hacks you can try when you see the orange light and see if it works for you.

Reboot your Windstream modem

Most of the time, the issue is with the modem because there can be a small bug that can easily be removed if you restart or reboot your modem. Once your model gets refreshed it will start reconnecting with the server. After this process, you should be able to see the green light and the orange light should be removed but if you see that it did not work, you can try to repeat the process at least three times because sometimes it takes more than one restart. You will notice that it will start working fine.

When the internet modem is on for long hours, there can be some bugs that get removed if the modem is refreshed.

Reset your Windstream internet modem

There is another simple hack that you can try if refreshing your modem did not work. and that is to reset your modem. You can notice a button on the right spot where you plug in your power cord, it is not very visible but you can trace the button. You will need a pointy edge to press the button. Keep pressing the button for at least 10 seconds, until you notice the green light which will mean that the settings of your modem have been reset to default settings. You should also update the firmware for better results.

Once you have restarted your modem, you will need to wait for a few minutes and you should be able to see the green light which will indicate that your internet signals are restored.

Report it to the customer service department

The Windstream customer service department is available 24/7. If you have tried to restart and reboot your modem and it did not work, there are chances that there can be issues in the Windstream network. Keep your official account number with you and file a report. The customer service representative will guide you and inform you when the issue will be resolved.

Wrapping Up,

Whenever you face issues with your internet connection it can become very agitating especially when it happens when you are working. Most of the time, simple hacks such as refreshing your modem or restarting your modem do wonders and, your internet starts working fine. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you always have the option to report your issue to the customer service department.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

Is Windstream internet a good option?

Windstream offers the latest Kinetic internet connection which provides you with the highest internet speed. If you compare a fiber-optic connection to a normal coaxial cable Broadband Internet connection and the DSL connection, you can see the visible difference in the internet speed because a fiber optic connection is the latest connection it provides fairly high internet speed.

Do I have to sign up for any contract?

No matter which internet speed you choose, there is no contract required with Windstream internet, and all the users are free to use the services for as long as they want. If you cancel your service at any point, you will not be charged any early termination fee.