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The internet has grown throughout the years, with fiber internet being the fastest type of connection available. Many big ISPs have already started working on their fiber internet service, and Windstream is proudly one of them. Read on as we introduce you to Windstream Fiber Internet, how the provider is striving to bring innovations in fiber optic technology, and what you need to know about Kinetic Blazing Fast Internet service.

About Windstream Fiber Internet

Just like DSL and cable internet, fiber optic internet is another type of internet service. The difference is that it is based on fiber optics technology that transfers data through light instead of electricity. The result? Lightning-fast transfer speeds and high-speed connectivity. Windstream proudly offers Kinetic Fiber Internet service in over 16 states and is continuously expanding.

To learn more about the Kinetic Fiber Internet plans available at your location, contact Windstream Customer Service.

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Who Needs Windstream Fiber Internet

Fiber internet might be the fastest and most reliable type of internet but is it really for you? To know that, you must learn who needs Windstream Fiber Internet and what are its benefits:

High-bandwidth Households

Households with multiple internet users and high-speed streamers, professional gamers, and remote workers should consider subscribing to Windstream Fiber Internet as it offers enough speed with low latency to cater to everyone’s needs.

Business Users

Businesses, both small and mid-sized have multiple internet users and require a 24/7 consistent internet service, which can be provided by fiber internet. Unlike DSL and cable internet, which are dependent on the physical medium for data transfers, fiber internet offers lightning-fast speeds without lags and downtime.

Perks of Windstream Fiber Internet

Windstream Fiber Internet serves its customers with plans and packages that come with various perks. Here are a few of them:

Glitch free-gaming

Gaming needs to be seamless and glitch-free. And if you are a passionate gamer who doesn’t want any lags, especially during multi-player gaming, Kinetic Fiber Internet service is a fine choice for you. With speeds up to 2 Gigs, you can enjoy a consistent gaming experience at all times.

Seamless Video Conferencing

In today’s world of digitalization and globalization, communication is the key to business success. And for seamless video conferencing, Windstream Fiber Internet is a perfect choice. With high speeds, no data caps, and reliable connectivity, you and your employees can communicate with each other without unnecessary interruptions and grow your business to amazing heights.

Instant Hi-res streaming

Everyone wants to enjoy their favorite shows and movies in high resolution, and that requires a fast download speed. Fiber Internet by Windstream offers just the right speed for instant hi-res streaming on multiple devices on the same network, letting you enjoy non-stop entertainment at its best.

Stronger connection for multiple devices

For those with multiple active users and devices on the same network, high speed as well as a high bandwidth is needed for everyone to enjoy a smooth surfing and streaming experience and Windstream Fiber Internet offers just that. With Kinetic fiber internet, you get a stronger connection for all the devices in your home.

Windstream Fiber Expansion

Windstream is already offering 1 Gig Kinetic blazing fast internet service across over 16 states in the US. The company is now working on its Kinetic’s multi-year $2 billion capital investment to deploy 2 Gig fiber internet across its 18-state footprint, which offers twice as speed as its 1 gig plan.

Windstream is also partnering with cities, counties, and other groups to drive fiber deeper into the network at a faster speed. You can check the availability of Windstream Fiber Internet in your area by visiting Windstream Availability Map – LocalCableDeals and adding your Zip code under the zip code functionality.


Windstream proudly offers its fiber internet service in over 16 states across the US and is consistently working towards innovations in fiber optics technology and high speed, expanding its footprint further. The Kinetic Fiber Internet offered by the provider is perfect for high-speed streamers, gamers, and business workers looking for zero downtime and consistent service.


What is Windstream's fastest internet speed?

Windstream offers speeds up to 2 gigs in all 18 states. However, the provider also brings speeds up to 8 Gigs but these are only available in select areas across the US.

Can I get faster internet with Windstream?

By subscribing to a high-tier Windstream Fiber Internet Plan, you can get faster internet for all your surfing, streaming, and gaming needs.

How many locations does Windstream have?

Windstream covers 18 states across the US with its superfast internet service. You can check the availability of their plans and speeds by visiting Windstream Availability Map – LocalCableDeals and adding your Zip code under the zip code functionality.

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