Why is a Customer Service Department Even Important?

If you do a random survey of the companies around the globe and ask them about the status of their customer service department, you know what they’ll say? That it’s great, well-funded and unbeatable. On the other hand, if you ask their customers about it, they’ll have an altogether different story to tell. Because the truth of the matter is, not many people get to have a 100% satisfying experience with the support department of the organizations they’ve reached out to.

Most of the firms, when it’s their time to allocate budget, invest in product or marketing, but leave the customer service team from the lion’s share. While it should be the other way around. After all, it is the customer service department that creates a direct link between the buyers and the company – enabling face-to-face communication, humanizing the brand, strengthening the subscriber base, bringing in new prospects and ultimately, driving more revenue.

This article will focus on the reasons why your company needs to have a solid customer service department and how, having one, will improve the PR and the overall business standing.

Decreases Customer Acquisition Cost

Having a great customer service department saves costs and helps to manage the budget better. If your customer care representatives are trained well, your TFN is as simple and clear as Spectrum phone number, and you’re using advanced CRM tools, then the chances of retaining an old buyer rise to 5%, which in turn increase revenue by 25%. People who come back to your brand after a first satisfying experience are 67% more likely to purchase other products or services in addition to their chosen ones. This cuts the costs of acquiring new customers, which relieves your budget. In other words, it’s cheaper to retain an old subscriber than to get a new one, and you can’t do that without a well-functioning customer care department.

Increases Customer Loyalty

A single customer service experience has the power to make or break your brand. If it is a positive one, about 50% of the customers will stick to your brand and even pay more for the sake of it. If, however, it is a negative one, then there is nothing you can say or do to stop them from running to your competitors. So, investing in your customer service department will help build brand loyalty and reinforce your customer base.

Relays Brand Image & Values Better

Every company has a story that makes it unique and relatable. This story is often conveyed through social media or ad campaigns. However, the best instrument you can use to tell this story in a more direct and personalized manner is through the customer service representatives. For instance, whenever users have any questions about Charter Communications’ internet or TV plans, they dial the Spectrum customer service number which is right there at the top or open “Ask Spectrum” to chat with the company’s virtual agents. This way they get to know about the brand’s image and the values it stands for in a much better way.

Encourages Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Investing in your customer service department will give birth to a chain reaction that will eventually come to profit you. Principally, it’ll go like this: Happy representatives will bring in happy customers who in turn will evangelize your company to their friends and family, reeling in new customers and new opportunities of revenue generation. The chances of this referral advertising happening are about 77%, according to research. You see people by nature are social animals. If they gain a spectacular experience with your cable company, let’s say, they’ll rave about it in their circles, and the next day, you’ll have more customers lined up, without even having to spend a dime.

Offers Insights for Improvement

Most of the time, customer reviews and testimonials conveyed to the representatives direct your attention towards the issues and aspects in the system that you weren’t seeing before and that could lead to your company’s potential downfall. These insights help you figure out the flaws in your strategy and reform it to better suit the audiences. Without a solid customer service team and response recording tools, you cannot hope to survive and outlast your competition. This is not a far-fetched statement. It’s the truth.

Wrapping Up

Every company needs a proactive customer service department to ensure the continuity of profits, and this post has shown you the possible reasons why.