Cox Communications was once known to be one of the slowest cable providers in the US. It had serviceability in some of the states but now, it has grown to become one of the largest cable service providers in the US, covering more than 20 million people. Cox services are available across 19 states; Oklahoma, Nevada, and California have the most coverage.

The company does not just offer internet service, but TV, home phone, and home security as well. You get multiple options with Cox. If you know your usage and budget, then getting a plan that you can keep for the long term is a piece of cake.

As important as our internet connections are, to be honest, it’s quite frustrating when your internet service provider sells you short. All of us come across power outages and sluggish download speeds during peak hours. Moreover, the increasingly monopolistic structure of the industry means that most regions are stuck with one or two providers, in case customers decide on switching.

Keeping all these issues under consideration, what makes an ideal internet connection? Honestly, there is no easy answer. The world of broadband is not black and white. It is grey. There are many complications associated with internet connections such as gating, network congestion, and most importantly, the capabilities your network requires to fetch data. Surprisingly, a lot of that is beyond your ISP’s control.

Amidst all of the issues ISPs face, what makes Cox Internet the best internet connection? We did extensive research to legitimize this claim:

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Judgment Criteria

In a fair trial, an internet connection should be judged based on these factors:

  • Type of Connection
  • Internet Speeds
  • Data Caps
  • Internet Plans
  • Customer Service
  • Prices
  • Bundling Perks

Given Cox Internet’s presence in the market, we thought it would be a good idea to survey the speeds, customer service, and prices. In the end, we will be pointing you to the current Cox Internet plans to help you make up your mind.

Connection Type

The type of connection has a big influence on how fast your internet is. Satellite and DSL are notorious for their randomly slow speeds. On the other hand, cable and fiber are faster. The reasoning behind this is sheer physics. Your satellite sends a signal that travels 22,000 miles out to space and back, while the DSL uses the typical phone wires to transfer data, which results in taking more time to load a webpage or to download large files.

Cox is a cable provider. This means that the last mile of your internet is delivered over coaxial cables. These cables were used for TV originally. Being a cable provider gives Cox an edge over all the DSL and satellite providers because you get to bundle TV service, and it provides you with high bandwidth and download speeds.

The coaxial networks are widespread in the US. Therefore, Cox is our ultimate savior as it gets many customers high-speed internet who otherwise would have to resort to slow options that are more expensive.

Internet Speeds

Cox Internet plans cover just about any lifestyle, from frequent email exchanges to multi-device gaming marathons. Cox Internet speed’s efficiency is actually good.

Normally, ISPs advertise a download speed on their website for new customers, and customers do not bother to dig deeper into whether that is true or not. On this point, we conducted thorough research and the results were not surprising.

We checked out Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) actual reports to gather some hard evidence. Cox Internet’s average speed was measured at over 115%. This means that if you have 100 Mbps, you are likely to experience a faster speed than the advertised 100 Mbps.

Internet Plans

Cox offers multiple plans with different internet speeds. The following are the internet plans that you can get with Cox.

Cox package Download speeds up to Place Your Order
Internet Essential 50 Mbps 1-855-814-6044
Internet Preferred 250 Mbps 1-855-814-6044
Internet Ultimate 500 Mbps 1-855-814-6044
Gigablast 1 Gbps 1-855-814-6044

Unlike its competitors, Cox’s website does a decent job of explaining all the plans based on the usage of every household. You can sign-up for the most basic package if you just need the internet for random browsing or emailing. If you have 3-4 people living in your house or apartment, you can sign-up for Internet Preferred. The Ultimate and Gigablast packages have download speeds fit for intensive web users.

In some areas, Cox offers promotional discounts on these plans and you might even get free equipment or installation.

Data Caps

Data caps are frustrating for us, but the ISPs claim that the ultimate goal of these caps is to provide a better experience for the customers. They call it a fair use policy, as excessive usage from few users results in slower speeds for the rest of the consumer base.

All Cox Internet plans come with a data limit of 1TB, which is close to unlimited. This data limit is enough to meet the requirements of an average household. You’d need to stream 8 hours of your favorite shows in HD while gaming online, regular browsing, and streaming music daily to hit that limit.

Customer Service

Giving a consumer excellent customer service is the moral responsibility of every company, no matter how big or small. Many ISPs tend to shy away from this burden by giving awful customer service to loyal customers and making them question their decision in the first place.

Cox Internet has earned high customer satisfaction over the years as opposed to other ISPs. It has ended up being one of the top five companies to score more than 60 out of 100 for customer satisfaction as per the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which is a commendable feat. All these results seem to square with online reviews.


Many people believe that Cox Internet Packages are expensive as opposed to some other service providers. We do understand their concern. Cox Internet prices can be a bit expensive. However, better coverage and service justify that entirely.

Moreover, if you subscribe to low-speed plans, they are actually wallet-friendly. The prices are quite the same for high-tier packages as offered by other ISPs.

In addition, the equipment and installation fees are the same as its competitors.

Bundling Perks

Like other providers, Cox offers TV, phone, and home security plans which you can bundle with your current Cox Internet Plan to avail of extra discounts. If you pair the internet with television, you can save $5 to $35 per month depending on the package you are signing up for.

Plenty of WiFi hotspots

Surprisingly, Cox has more than 500,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide. Instead of draining your mobile data or hunting for rogue networks, you can connect to any of these hotspots in no time!

Final Verdict!

Cox Internet service offers you a wide variety of plans, generous data limits, and excellent customer service. You get blazing fast and reliable speeds for all your devices. Although the prices are higher for the premium packages, the hike is justified if you get quality and reliability in service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the best Cox Internet?

All the plans offered by Cox are amazing. It’s all up to your needs and budget. However, we’d recommend you to go for Internet Preferred. This plan comes with good download and upload speeds at an economical cost.

Is Cox 50 Mbps good?

Cox 50 Mbps is one of the basic plans offered by Cox. It’s for those customers who use the internet to check emails and social media applications, occasionally streaming or gaming, or for downloading small files.

How can I get a discount on Cox?

Cox offers all plans at promotional rates. If you want to get more discount, you can go for a bundle.

How do I contact Cox?

Get Cox internet deals today by calling 1-855-814-6044.