Spectrum is a brand name used by Charter Communications to sell the Internet, cable TV, and home phones. Charter network is the integration between the Bright House Network, Time Warner Cable, and Charter communication. In simple words, Spectrum belongs to charter communication. Although Spectrum is a new brand name, the former subscribers of Time Warner and Bright House Network get to continue their services as before and are granted different customer care numbers. Cable, internet, and phone, all come under one roof of Spectrum that can be either accessed as standalone networks or can be subscribed as bundled packages if you want to save some money.

Charter communication is the second largest provider with the coverage across 46 states, falling just behind Comcast. Spectrum tv and internet packages are increasingly becoming the most popular choice across the US, mainly due to the expansion of the spectrum internet service area in the past few years.

In terms of costing, Spectrum keeps it simple and transparent as compared to its competitors. Thanks to their unlimited data access and no contract options for which the cord-cutters prefer spectrum internet plans. Moreover, even the cheapest spectrum TV plans have unlimited video streaming options, making it yet again the top choice for potential cord-cutters.

Is Time Warner Cable the same as Spectrum?

As mentioned earlier, Timer warner cable was taken over by Charter communications back in 2016, changing the name of the company from TWC to Spectrum. All of the previous TWC’s customers have now become consumers of the Spectrum.

Spectrum Internet prices and plans

Spectrum while keeping it simple, offer plans in three basic modes: Standard basic, Ultra, and Gig. The specific spectrum internet speeds of each mode vary from area to area. Also, Spectrum promises to expand Gig’s reachability to several different areas in the coming years. The easiest way to check speeds at your area is by calling and asking a sales agent to inspect spectrum internet speeds in your area only.

The standard internet offers speeds of up to 200 Mbps. However, it is close to 60 or 100 Mbps in most regions. In either case, for the majority of users, this is enough fast speed. Speeds are reasonably high to accommodate multiple users on the same network and lets them stream videos without any issues. To put this practically, it takes around 4 minutes only to download the 3 GB file with the Spectrum 100 Mbps connection, whereas with an older DSL link of only 15 Mbps you will wait nearly half an hour. The standard plan starts at as low as $44.99 a month in most states and charges an additional $5 a month for the Wi-Fi router.

Spectrum Ultra plan offering 300-400 Mbps, is a perfect option for big families, service consumers, and people who work from home. It comes up with an advanced higher-end spectrum Wifi router and a free modem designed to support spectrum ultra’s enhanced bandwidth. Spectrum "Gig" bandwidth is the best offer in terms of high speed. However, the price can be high, costing as much as over $100 a month. This is a bit expensive for the regular user, but you never have to look at any buffer icon again if you can afford it. Alongside offering a whopping 1000Mbps of downloading speed, it also offers high uploading speed of up to 35Mbps which is great for live-streamers and uploaders. Although the fastest speed plan can be enticing, it is important to evaluate your internet usage. This way you can save a lot of money by choosing a low-tier plan if your usage is moderate and not heavy.

Additionally, the biggest advantage of spectrum Internet over other networks is that there are no data caps, which is an outstanding bonus for Netflix junkies and streamers looking to consume Internet content without being concerned about overrunning their capacity. Many other providers begin billing extra after a certain amount of data has been consumed, but Spectrum provides unrestricted data on all the internet plans.

Internet Installation

Internet Installation

Installation solutions are available for New Spectrum users in two ways: self-installation or professional installation.

It is advised to hire a technician if you’re interested in subscribing to TV service because the setup could be quite complicated. You should also get professional installation if configuring the Wifi router is not your thing.

If you are a spectrum internet user only and wish to save on the installation cost, self-installation is recommended. This is the fastest way to set up, and if you have your modem, quite often you get the services activated on the same day.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV offers 3 key bundles: Select, Silver, Gold.

You get to watch 125 channels at the lower end. That is a lot more channels than what other companies offer at the most basic package. However, you get more than 225 channels including a vast range of premium channels at the high-tier package.

The prices for TV plans of Spectrum seem to run a little high, especially for standalone deals. However, bundling Internet, TV, and phone drops the package price drastically. Keep an eye on the final price after the promotion duration ends, particularly if you intend to subscribe for several years.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Without ignoring the fact that calling the ISPs can be a true nightmare, Spectrum offers a broad variety of options to satisfy customers seeking help. If you ever call the Spectrum phone number to report any problem or to pay bills, their highly trained professionals will take care of all your concerns and will most likely fix the issue in a matter of few minutes.

Conclusion: Spectrum is a great option for most people

In summary, Spectrum has several nice spots for home entertainment services: unlimited data, no agreement, no additional fees, affordable pricing, and easy installation options. Spectrum likes to keep it straight forward by offering a limited range of bundles while offering a wide variety of perks and benefits.

If you want to compare spectrum internet deals or bundles with other internet providers in your area, simply visit our website and enter your zip code to check the availability and we will use our tools to show all the providers serviceable in your area.