Charter Communications is one of the largest Mass Media and Telecommunications service providers that offers Internet, Cable TV, and Phone services in over 41 states of the US.

After the acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network back in 2016, Charter offers all these services under its brand name "Spectrum."

Now you might be wondering about who owns this company?

Well, the names keep changing because, from an investor's point of view, Charter Communications is an excellent investment backed by well-known financial firms and people like John Malone (Owner of Liberty Media) and Warren Buffet.

But to make it easier, we will have a look at the current majority shareholders in the company and their percentage of shares.

Owners of Charter Communications

As of the current market stats, the following are the companies that own majority shares in Charter Communications.

  • Liberty Broadband

Liberty Broadband Co. is the interest owner in several communications businesses, with its principal assets consisting of its interest in Skyhook, GCI, and Charter.

The company spun out from Liberty Media Co., which is owned by John C. Malone, one of the most successful business executives in the cable companies. He started his career with TCI, which was later sold to Comcast and AT&T.

For many people, having John Malone among the overseers is a sign of great confidence in Charter.

Liberty Broadband is currently the biggest shareholder in the market with the ownership of 59.5 million shares, or 29% of the company.

  • TCI Fund Management Limited

According to CNN Business, TCI Funds Management Limited is the second biggest stakeholder in Charter with its ownership of about 10.41 Million shares.

These shares are worth over $6.38 Billion (as of today's market value) and makeup 5.37% of the company's total stake.

The Children's Investment Fund Management (TCI Fund Management) is a hedge fund management company based in London that focuses on long-term investments in companies worldwide.

A certain amount of profits from these funds is donated to the TCI Fund Foundation that spends this money for the betterment of kids in developing countries.

  • Capital Research & Management Co.

Capital Research & Management Co. operates under Capital Group that is among the world's best and the largest financial services organizations. It focuses on investment management and holds over $2 trillion in assets at the moment.

Moreover, it is the largest stakeholder in the Charter besides Liberty Broadband and TCI Fund Management Limited, which owns a 5.26% stake in the company.

  • The Vanguard Group

Then Vanguard group is another investment company operating out of the US that owns about 5.25 % shares in Charter Communications, not much difference from Capital Research & Management Co.

If we talk about their portfolio, it includes investments in mutual funds, long-term investments in companies, and retirement plans, along with much more ETFs, IRAs, and much more for individuals, firms, and institutions.

As of Jan 2020, the company had assets worth over $6.2 trillion under management worldwide. The number increased significantly within the next five months and reached $6.7 trillion as of June 2020.

The Vanguard Group operates worldwide with its subsidiaries in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, and many other countries.

  • Advance Publications

Advance Publications is one of the largest private mass media companies in the US, owned by the Newhouse family.

Advance publications was the second-biggest stakeholder in Charter Communications after Liberty Media, with almost 13% ownership. But as of April 2021, Advance Publications holds 3.1 million shares, dropping its percentage to 1.62%.

Still, it is among the top 10 owners of Charter Communications.

  • Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway is an American multi-national and multi-industry holding company, led by Warren Buffett as the Chairman & CEO.

According to Forbes, it is the largest financial services company globally by revenues and the 8th largest public company in the world.

The company owns several other companies along with a combination of minority shares in many public companies such as Coca-Cola, Kraft Heinz, American Express, Apple, and even the Bank of America.

As of 2017, Berkshire Hathaway owned 3.66 M shares of Charter Communications that is currently 2.69% and is worth well over $3 Billion.

Summing Up

The ownership of Charter is not limited to these companies, but there are many other names such as SSGA Funds Management, Dodge & Cox, and Harris Associates.

Charter Communications' revenues are increasing every year, and the company is expected to grow more under the leadership of Thomas Rutledge and John Bickham. So, you are looking to invest or want to get services such as internet, Charter TV, or phone; this choice will not disappoint you.

Is Charter & Spectrum the same thing?

Spectrum is the brand name that operates under Charter Communications and provides internet, cable TV, and phone services to customers in the US.

Previously, Charter Communications offered all these services under the brand name Charter. This name changed before the Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network's acquisition by Charter Communications.