There was a time when Cox Communications was known as one of the country's slowest top-tier cable providers. It was only available in a few states at that time, but it has since grown to become one of the major cable service providers in the United States, serving more than 20 million people. Cox services are offered in around 18 states, with the largest coverage in Oklahoma, California, and Nevada.

Unlike other service providers, Cox offers multiple telecommunications services to its customers. You can get cable TV, a home phone, and home security in addition to the internet with Cox.

If you are planning to get Cox Internet, you will have multiple options. Many people get confused while choosing a plan because they are not sure about their budgets and needs. Getting a plan that you can stick with for the long haul is a piece of cake if you know your use and budget.

To be honest, as crucial as an internet connection is nowadays, it's extremely annoying when you are watching your favorite movie and your internet stops working. During peak hours, we all experience network outages and slow internet speeds, but if you face issues regarding your speeds during normal hours, then maybe your plan doesn’t suit your needs. If you’re wondering, ‘which Cox Internet plan should I get?’, then you’re at the right spot, as this blog will lay out various plans for you in addition to their benefits.

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How to Choose the Best Cox Internet Plan?

Cox offers a number of internet packages to its customers. Depending on your needs and budget, you can pick a plan that suits you. It all depends on how much budget you have and what your priorities are.

Cox Internet Package Download Speed Data Cap Learn More Place Your Order


Up to 1 Gbps

1.2 TB

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Internet Ultimate

Up to 500 Mbps

1.2 TB

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Internet Preferred

Up to 250 Mbps

1.2 TB

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Internet Essential

Up to 50 Mbps

1.2 TB

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You must first determine your demands and requirements in order to acquire the best internet package for your household or business, which you can keep for the long term. Everyone uses the internet differently and has various needs. You must determine yours if you want the best internet plan.

For Heavy Internet Usage

Those who have a large family with multiple people streaming, online gaming, and downloading large files on various devices all at once will need a plan with blazing-fast internet download and upload speeds. For such heavy internet usage, Cox GIGABLAST is the best internet plan.

With such speeds, you will have the best internet experience even if you connect more than 10 devices simultaneously to your internet connection. You won't have to worry about buffering when streaming or severe latency while online gaming. This package would be the best, because, unlike other internet service providers, Cox provides it at an affordable price.

For Average Internet Usage

Cox Internet Ultimate is the finest internet plan for customers who connect 5-7 devices simultaneously and do streaming and gaming often. They will have ample download speeds and will not experience any problems while surfing the internet.

For Basic Internet Usage

Customers, who have basic internet usage and want internet services for day-to-day activities, as well as occasional streaming, should go for Cox Internet Preferred. You can connect 4-5 devices at once and even perform gaming and streaming.

If you need the internet just to check emails or social media applications, you can go for Cox Internet Essential, which comes at a very economical price. Moreover, even with this plan, you can do streaming and gaming but not on multiple devices at once.

Perks of Subscribing to Cox Internet Services

Cox Security Suite

Cyber-security has become more important as the possibility of hacking and sensitive data theft has grown online. Greater reliability and faster speeds are meaningless if the internet is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Because Cox recognizes the significance of internet security, it provides a security suite to all its customers. It's a complete cybersecurity solution from McAfee for you.

Cox Panoramic WiFi

Panoramic WiFi is available with all Cox internet plans. Create a virtual network of connectivity around your home. It doesn't matter how big the house is or how far you’re sitting, you will never lose connectivity within your home. Wall-to-wall coverage and consistent connectivity are guaranteed with Panoramic WiFi from Cox.

Cox WiFi Hotspots

You can take your Cox WiFi with you if you have Cox internet. Forget about data caps, monthly internet fees, battery depletion, and connectivity concerns. You can enjoy unlimited internet access with over 3 million hotspots nationwide. Now, you will never miss your meeting while traveling and can enjoy surfing social media applications while having your favorite coffee. On-the-go connectivity!

Summing it up

Cox is one of the most reliable and high-speed internet service providers in America and we cannot doubt that. Choosing a Cox Internet plan may sound tricky, but it's all about how much you need and you can afford. If you know your budget limit and your speed requirements, with Cox, you will have the best experience.

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