CenturyLink is one of the largest telecommunication services providers in the United States. With its strong position comes the responsibility of it providing extraordinary customer services to its users. CenturyLink customer service has set a high standard for its competitors. CenturyLink provides its customers with dependable customer service and represents millions of people. To enjoy warmth and peace of mind, get low-cost bargains that come with excellent customer service.

CenturyLink has set a high bar for the competitors to provide the customer with optimum customer services. In today’s world, a company’s customer support department has become as important as the first investment amount. A company cannot stand on its might without its customers having their concerns catered to.

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The companies need to come up with innovative ideas so that the customers’ needs are taken care of in every aspect. CenturyLink does outdo itself in this regard.

Where’s my Tech CenturyLink

Some customers are not always satisfied with their queries or issues being resolved over a call or chat. Instead, they need a tech hand that can sort out their issue and help them more efficiently. As it will be easier for them as well as with technology some people do face bigger issues and they do need a helping hand. This is where CenturyLink’s ‘Find My Technician’ comes in handy. It has also proved to be a very convenient service for the customers. Customers can use CenturyLink's Where's My Service application to check on the status of their technician visit.

How does this work?

Follow these steps to make the best use of this service.

  • You can see the ‘Find my Technician’ option here
  • You then provide your CenturyLink account number or provide them with a valid repair ticketing number.
  • The status of your technician’s visit will be visible to you.

Where’s My Tech For Installation

Even an appointment for a fresh installation can benefit from this service. If additional cabling or outlet installation is required, setting up broadband or even modem connections might take up to 5 hours. If the appointment falls on a working day, it is recommended that the customer take the day off work because the process is normally a full day. If it is now too late and the technician has not arrived, you can reschedule the appointment at a more convenient time.

Rescheduling Your Appointment

You can reschedule the appointment a day before or even on the day of the appointment. There must be someone above 18 available during the tech’s visit and in case there is none available, the technician will be forced to reschedule on their own.

If you think you might not be available for the scheduled time, you can simply reschedule by following the steps below:

  1. Contact CenturyLink’s customer service and inform them about your cancellation or rescheduling of the appointment.
  2. It is recommended that you do it at least 24 hours before the scheduled time.

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Customer support is essential for any business to thrive and CenturyLink knows how to keep its user satisfied. Where’s my tech is an excellent service provided by CenturyLink to its customers. Those who are less tech-savvy can avail of this service and can have their issues regarding their connections resolved at their convenience.

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