With the internet being the lifeblood of our day-to-day activities nowadays and devices being smart and wirelessly connectable, it is a given that we all use a Wi-Fi router. Now let’s go ahead and see what exactly is a Wi-Fi router and how to choose a good router for your needs.

What exactly is a Wi-Fi router?

Long gone are the days when you stuck a cable into your computer to dial-up an extremely slow internet connection that you could use on a single device only. This was nothing short of a blessing at the time but now after all these technological advancements when we look back it seems so slow and inconvenient. Ever since the advent of Wi-Fi in the late 90s when it became possible for us to connect devices wirelessly to the internet we have come a long way. It’s not possible to imagine a life without a fast Wi-Fi connection anymore.

AT&T internet and similar good ISPs typically provide the internet to your home through a cable or DSL line, which connects to a modem. A modem is a device used to decode internet signals into something your connectible devices can read.

This signal is then transferred to a router through a wire running from the modem to the router. This router, in turn, makes it possible for you to connect all your devices to the internet wirelessly. Nowadays, more commonly used means are the Wi-Fi gateways, which are a combination of a modem and router in one device.

Should you buy a Wi-Fi router?

When you sign up with an internet service provider, they usually offer you a modem and Wi-Fi router for a nominal monthly fee. This equipment is often configured in such a way so as it works with their signal only. However, if you choose to cancel their services the equipment has to be returned. You can always call the spectrum customer service in order to stow away any form of confusion that might pop up in your mind.

You can also choose to buy your own router if you want. In fact, I think it is a better option to buy your own router because it is a one-time investment and you can go on to use it for years. Whereas, if you choose to get your ISP’s router, you pay rent for it during the time signed up with the ISP and then no matter how long you’ve used it you will need to return it at the end of service.

There are several Wi-Fi routers in the market to buy from. You just need to choose one that is recommended by your ISP and compliments their algorithms.

How to choose a Wi-Fi router?

Like I said earlier that the internet has come a long way, so have the Wi-Fi routers. A Wi-Fi router from 10 years ago will still work of course but it definitely won’t be as compatible with the latest technologies and internet speeds as a newer version, resulting in you not experiencing the fastest speeds possible. It won’t be able to cover as much area in your house as a latest model router.

The fastest Wi-Fi routers on the market are the “802.11ac” or “Wireless AC”. These routers can support speeds up to 5300 Mbps. This is the speed at which the router can transfer signals from the modem to your device. Routers these days are also dual-band, which means that they use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies to send signals to your devices. This makes it possible for the router to send the best signals to all your devices regardless of the area of the house you are in.

Therefore, now you have all the information about what exactly a Wi-Fi router is and how it works. You also know now that you aren’t bound to rent the router from your ISP and how to choose which router to buy for yourself. So go ahead and make an informed decision. There is no right or wrong decision though, just what’s suitable for you. We all are different people with different requirements so no judging.