If you happen to be a Spectrum customer, chances are that you have been probed if you would like to rent a router (from Spectrum) for the cost of $5 per month. Though it may seem easy to state “yes” too, one should rather buy their own wireless router. To find the right router for Spectrum, you would be required to shop around, searching for all the compatible routers for Spectrum that meet your network’s requirements.

Before we get to the list of what routers are compatible with Spectrum internet, let’s understand the reasons what are the Advantages of Having Your Own Spectrum Compatible Router:

a. Better Performance & Faster Wi-Fi

Despite the fact that the router that Spectrum may provide you would not be one of the worst routers on the market, it would neither be the best router for Spectrum. Consider the speeds that you would like to have and expect. You would definitely be at an advantage obtaining your own compatible Spectrum router instead of working with an average performance and internet speeds that you would catch from the rented router.

b. Get rid of the Rental Fees

This point is pretty obvious when you buy your own router but let’s make you understand with an example. If renting a router from Spectrum is as low as $5 per month, you must know that $5 per month means $60 per year, and all things considered, you still do not own the router for which you are spending your money. You are going to save a lot of money in due course if you get yourself a router.

c. Extended Coverage of Wireless

Your size of the network may not remain the same as your parents, neighbors, or your friends. You might be well aware of the size of a network you need, but not Spectrum. If you require one that spreads out into your yard, you would be stuck with unstable coverage through the rental router. As an alternative, you could buy a router explicitly to meet your coverage requirements.

10 Best Routers for Spectrum in 2020

Names of Devices Speeds # of Ports Rating
1. Linksys EA7500
(Popular Choice)
1900 Mbps 4 100%
2. Netgear AX6000
(High Qulaity)
6000 Mbps 5 99%
3. TP-Link Archer A7
(Easy on Pocket)
1750 Mbps 4 95%
4. Motorola MG7550
(Modem Router)
1900 Mbps 4 100%
5. Netgear Orbi
(Extended Coverage)
3000 Mbps 3 98%
6. Netgear RX500
(Best For Gaming)
2600 Mbps 4 96%
7. Motorola MR2600
(Greatest Value)
2600 Mbps 4 96%
8. Netgear RAX200
(WiFi 6 Standard)
10800 Mbps 4 98%
9. Turris Omnia
(Open Source)
2200 Mbps 5 96%
10. Gryphon AC3000
(Additional Security)
3000 Mbps 4 99%


We compiled a complete list of best and recommended routers that are compatible with Spectrum internet. You can compare them, research more about them, and do share your thoughts, experiences, and evaluation in the comments section below. Furthermore, we have tried to touch why and how buying or renting the router can benefit their users so you can make a wise decision after giving this article a read.