Most people are clueless when it comes to troubleshooting their Xfinity services. Technical issues can be troublesome to resolve on your own. That’s why you can contact the Xfinity technical support team for assistance.

If you are wondering what is Xfinity technical support phone number, we have got it for you. You can contact this number whenever you are facing any problems with Xfinity services. Let’s check it out below:

What is Xfinity Technical Support Phone Number?

To reach Xfinity customer support, you can call (844) 207-8722. Although the customer service is available 24/7, the best time to call would be from 7 am to 9 pm on Monday-Saturday. Upon contacting an agent, you can tell the problem you are facing regarding your services and you will be directed to technical support right away.

DIAL (844) 207-8722 for Xfinity Support

Xfinity Technical Issues

If you are wondering what issues the Xfinity technical teams deal with, consider the following:

  • You can inquire about service outages in your region or somewhere else in the US.
  • The billing payment isn’t going through; Xfinity tech teams will help you figure it out.
  • You are having trouble with connecting with the Gateway or X1; the technical support team will guide you on how to troubleshoot the equipment.
  • You are moving houses, you can request help in transferring Xfinity services.
  • You are looking to cancel Xfinity services, Xfinity technical support will guide you through the entire process.

Note that the technical issues you experience with Xfinity services are not limited to just these options.

DIAL (844) 207-8722 for Xfinity Support

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what is Xfinity technical support phone number, don’t hesitate to reach out to them whenever you are facing issues with Xfinity services. Because the sooner you have your issue dealt with, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your Xfinity services!


What is the number of Xfinity technical support?

You can call Xfinity support at (844) 207-8722.

Can I visit Xfinity support in person?

You can visit Xfinity help centers near you in person. However, it’s best to call instead of making a trip if it’s just the service that you’re having issues with.