Dependable Speed with Windstream Kinetic Internet

When you have Windstream Kinetic Internet You Get:

  • Complete Freedom from Contracts and Data Caps

  • Internet Download Speeds in the range of 200 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps

  • A 30 Day Guarantee of Money Back

Moreover, you get access to promotional prices and offers that are only available for new connections. The most sought-after internet plans by Windstream Internet start from a promotional price of $37.00 a month, which is worth $45.00/month during normal days. You need to be aware of the fact that promotional prices are only applicable for a limited period i.e. 12 months in selected areas.

Bundle to Save With Windstream Kinetic Internet and Phone

When you have Windstream Kinetic Internet Along with Phone Services You Get:

  • Internet Download Speeds as High as The 200 Mbps Mark

  •  A Dedicated 24/7 Available Customer Service

  • Unlimited Calls Nationwide

When it comes to promotional prices and bundles, we see that there are again big differences between the two. With the new Windstream Kinetic Internet and Phone bundle, customers could enjoy promotional offers for as little as $57.00 a month during the 12-month promotional period after which the price may go as high as $65.00 a month.

What Makes Windstream Kinetic Internet High in Value

Instantaneous Video Playback

Why else would you plan and get the Windstream Kinetic Internet plan if you did not want to have the all-time best internet experience? When you have such a powerful internet connection, there are bound to be certain expectations that come with it, like having a seamless internet browsing experience. The best thing about having such speeds is that when you’re logged on to any of the big streaming services and are watching a movie, whenever you decide to hit rewind, you would not have to go through any buffering at all.

Integrating Smart Home Devices with Windstream Kinetic Internet

Modern-day households or rather “Smart Households” require an internet connection that is powerful enough for it to run and function smoothly. When you the strength of Windstream Kinetic Internet service behind you, then using a mobile application to simply take control of the gates, lights, thermostats, cameras, sensors, and locks is not a difficult thing.

Climbing High on the Online Gaming Leaderboards

More than any other type of consumer out there, online gamers are significantly concerned about the internet service and bandwidth that they might get. This worrying feeling or rather an uncertainty is what could cost online gamers a win and they simply would not be having it or willing to compromise on their internet speeds and bandwidth to secure a win. When you have a Windstream Kinetic Internet connection, then no matter what console, PC, or mobile phone you use for online gaming, the result would not be disappointing.

Windstream Kinetic Plans

Windstream Kinetic Plans Promotional Prices per Month (new customers only) Standard Prices per Month (post-12-months) Internet Download Speed Range
Kinetic Gig Internet $67.00 only for one year $75.00 a month 800 Mbps – 1,000 Mbps
Kinetic Internet 200 $37.00 only for one year $45.00 a month 126 Mbps – 232 Mbps
Kinetic Internet 500 $57.00 only for one year $65.00 a month N451 Mbps – 799 Mbps
Kinetic Internet 300 $47.00 only for one year $55.00 a month 233 Mbps – 375 Mbps
Kinetic Internet 400 $47.00 only for one year $55.00 a month 376 Mbps – 450 Mbps

Note: All data has been recorded on 26/03/2021. Windstream holds all the authority to change and/or alter the prices, features, and specifications of all their plans of their own will.

Which Windstream Kinetic Plan Would Be the Right Choice for You?

Kinetic Internet 200

  • Small – Medium Sized Families

  • Able to Download Movies and Shows Within a Couple of Seconds

  • HD Quality of Streaming on Numerous Devices

  • Online Gaming

Kinetic Internet 300 – 400

  • Medium – Large Sized Families

  • Sharing Big Files

  • Connecting upwards of 5 Devices and More

  • Creating Backups on Cloud Storage

  • Online Streaming in 4K Quality

  • Video Conferencing

  • Multiplayer Online Gaming

Kinetic Internet 500

  • Large Families That Have 5 Plus Internet Users

  • Streaming Music, Live Digital Content, 4K Online Content

  • Connecting and Managing All Smart and Latest Hi-Tech Home Devices

  • Sharing or Uploading Large Volumes of Information or E-Mail or Cloud Storage

Kinetic Gig Internet

  • Absolutely Anything That You Want to Do, You Get to Do It Super-Fast!

Why Windstream Kinetic Internet is Revolutionary

Fiber Optic Based Infrastructure

Most of the Windstream Kinetic Internet connection is built using fiber optic technology. How else would you manage to bring about one of the very best internet connections, without using the very best mode of providing an internet connection? the benefit of having a fiber optic-based hybrid connection is that the data transmission is near perfect. This means that the internet service provider can supply a higher pedigree of bandwidth than it could without the use of such technology. Keep in mind that the connection is only a hybrid, a coaxial cable wiring could be used to establish a connection about a mile or some away from the area of connection. No matter the distance, due to the fiber optic base, the internet speed and performance are still light years ahead of what you would have gotten as a consumer of a simple DSL internet connection. 

The Best Internet Equipment

Having a fiber optic hybrid internet connection being supplied to your household is simply not enough for you to get a near-perfect internet experience. You would also be required to have an equal level or rather a good level of quality when it comes to the internet equipment that you use. The level of equipment that the Windstream provides its Kinetic Internet users with is of quite a remarkable standard. The hi-tech and latest internet equipment that Windstream Kinetic Internet provides its customers with bits of help in giving the consumer the maximum benefit of the bandwidth.

However, if you are still unsatisfied or rather speculative about the quality of the equipment that Windstream Internet service may provide, then, by all means, you could use your own.

Windstream Kinetic GIG Internet at a Glance

Type of Internet Connection Fiber Optic 67.00 a month for the first 12-months.
$75.00 a month after the 12-month promotional period
Kinetic Gateway (Modem and Router Combination) Goes Up To $11.99 a month
Unlimited Data Yes
Charges For Installation Professional Installation Costs $35.00
Supported Modems Windstream Let’s You Buy Your Device – Should Be Compatible With Windstream
Contracts No Contracts
Maximum Internet Download Speeds Up To 1,000 Mbps

Note: All data has been recorded on 26/03/2021. Windstream holds all the authority to change and/or alter the prices, features, and specifications of all their plans of their own will.

Paying The Windstream Kinetic Internet Bill

Pay Online

All you need to to pay your Windstream Kinetic Internet bill online is to log on to your Windstream account and then either make a one-time decision to pay online or register yourself with the AutoPay option and completely stop worrying about being late on your Windstream Internet bill as the amount would be detected automatically each month.

Pay Over the Phone

You could do this by simply calling (800)-347-1991. If you can manage to pay your bill with automated customer service, then that is excellent. Otherwise, you would have to make use of a customer care service agent, which may result in you facing a service charge at the end of the transaction.

Pay via Auto Draft

This is quite similar to paying online. All you need to do is log on to your Windstream account and select the option of auto-draft. This way monthly payments will be submitted via an auto-draft directly from your checking account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windstream Kinetic Internet?

An internet connection that possesses the latest piece of technology and provides an experience like no other. The backbone of the Windstream Kinetic Internet service is a hybrid of fiber optic and DSL technology that specializes in delivering super-fast internet download and upload speed. This is way better than simply having a basic DSL phone line connection.

How much is Windstream Kinetic Internet?

The Windstream Kinetic internet plans start from a basic $37.00 a month. This however is a promotional price that ends after the completion of the first 12-months.

Is Windstream Kinetic Internet any good?

It would not be a clever move to simply rely on online reviews for you to decide whether to move forward with a Windstream Kinetic Internet connection. The best trick is to first use the internet service for yourself and if you like the internet service, then very well, stick with it. The great part about Windstream is that they offer a 30-day guarantee which states that if you are not satisfied with the internet service, then you can have your money back. On top of that, Windstream also does not have any contracts in place, so you could cancel the internet subscription anytime you want.

How fast is Windstream Kinetic Internet?

The range of internet speed which is supplied by Windstream starts from a very modest 25 Mbps and goes as high as 1,000 Mbps. These speeds vary according to location and availability. So before you make your mind up about getting the service, call on 1-855-349-9312 and find out if the internet speed you need is available in your region.