CenturyLink enjoys its sweet spot among the top telecommunication services providers in the United States. It provides you with optimum quality internet, phone, and Dish TV services. CenturyLink offers the services at affordable rates and never a compromised quality therefore it has only withheld its position in the United States market since the 1930s.

CenturyLink customer service offers real time assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can check product availability, check modem compatibility, learn about billing, receive the service troubleshooting tool, manage your My CenturyLink app, track your technician, and account and so much more on the CenturyLink Customer Support site at any time of day.

Get CenturyLink Bundle

  • Fibre Gigabit
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Not Data Cap or Contract

Bundle priced at:


Additional fees and taxes apply. Rates exclude CTL fees not to exceed $3.00/mo./line.


Call Now to Get CenturyLink Help: 1-866-987-0357

However, before you are all set to make a call to CenturyLink, make sure you follow these given steps to ensure a much smoother experience.

  • It is recommended that you call from your CenturyLink registered phone number. This act will help the customer care representative to instantly identify your customer ID.
  • Be sure to have your account number prepared with you. There are alternative ways to contact customer support, but if you wish to speak with a professional directly, you may be asked to provide your account information for security purposes. Your account number can be easily found on the top of your bill as well.
  • You should always have your social security number committed to your memory. It is beneficial for you in every field. However, when speaking to the CenturyLink customer representative, you can be asked for your social security number to ensure that it is you who they are speaking to and are having all the account details authorized.
  • If there is some technical issue that you require assistance with, you must have all the details written or prepared by someone. This way you can inform the customer support representative regarding your inconvenience in an efficient way and he will be able to resolve it for you more easily.
  • In case that you are planning on speaking to a representative regarding a new connection or for relocation purposes, you must have the addresses prepared. This will save you from any confusion or any further hassle.

Phone Number: 1-866-987-0357

Service Days: Monday – Sunday

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