The Golden State Warriors is a professional basketball team founded in San Francisco, California. The Warriors compete in the NBA as the league’s Western Conference member. As estimated by Forbes, the Warriors are the third most valuable franchise in NBA following the Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Their value is estimated at $4.3 billion. As of 2018, the Dubs have been ranked to be the seventh most valued franchise in the US and 10th in the entire world. Fun Fact: The Warriors share an intriguing game rivalry with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This rivalry began in the 2014-15 season following which they face each other in four consecutive NBA finals, the only instance in history so far. The Warriors claimed three out of the four finals in 2015, 2017, and 2018 while the Cavaliers claimed the 2016 NBA trophy.

Warriors Game on Spectrum:

You can enjoy a thrilling Golden State Warriors game on the following channels available in various cable TV packages offered by Spectrum.

Channels Spectrum Select Package Spectrum Silver Package Spectrum Gold Package
NBA TV -    

Spectrum never disappoints when it comes to having the best channel lineup one can hope for. Starting from Spectrum Select Package with 216 channels at $44.99/mo., to Spectrum Silver Package offering 289 channels at $69.99/mo., and finally, Spectrum Gold Packages with 340 channels, starting at $89.99/mo., the company offer complete access to the Warriors with all the plans. Do ask the customer service representative, if there are any seasonal or occasion-specific promotions or discounts available, you might as well save some bucks off your monthly bills by doing this. You can also visit local cable deals and check the package availability in your area by simply entering your zip code.

Warriors Game Channel Numbers

Spectrum has varying channel numbers for the same Networks in different regions. Thus making it difficult to keep track of all of one’s favorite channels. For your handiness, we have listed the channel numbers for a few regions below. Do not worry if your area isn’t in the list below as the list is not an extensive one. You can enter your state and city here to find the desired channel numbers in your area.

Clarksville, Tennessee 31/808 2/702 28/781 333
Beverly Hills, California 39 7 51 308
Carson City, Nevada 33/805 8/788 55/776 -
Madison, Wisconsin 24/660 7/607 32/624 338
Monroe, Michigan 30/773 21 47/746 237/818
Roseburg, Oregon 28/818 9/781 36/797 -
El Paso, Texas 25 6 40 308
Indianapolis, Indiana 36 7/1007 35 418
Great Falls, Montana 31/531 9/509 34/534 -
Blountstown, Florida 21/753 3/1003 39/752 106/692
Athens, Georgia 32/720 2/702 29/731 333/825
Colville, Washington 29/818 4/782 25/797 -
Lincoln, Nebraska 34/392 7/8 38 308
Perryville, Missouri 35/800 3/706 49/781 -
Montgomery, Alabama 25/808 4/704 22/781 336
Brooklyn, New York 28 7 3 308
Cincinnati, Ohio 30 9 51 325
Louisville, Kentucky 31 4 43 568
Austin, Minnesota 31/800 6/786 52/797 -
Cheyenne, Wyoming 28/528 7/507 27/527 -
Yuma, Arizona 35 5 21 308