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Different streaming services are taking over the entertainment landscape. There is a large influx of people towards these streaming platforms for obvious reasons. The internet speeds are getting higher and higher, therefore, opening new avenues for the consumers to watch 4K and HDR content with minimum buffering. The popularity of Netflix and Amazon Prime is a testament to the fact that traditional TV is not enough and the modern-day providers have to evolve to accommodate these modern trends.

Many providers understand this modern trend and therefore, the inclusion of premium channels with their service is a step forward. Channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Epix are categorized as premium channels. You have to pay a separate amount for these channels and sometimes, these channels are included in the subscription itself.

Starz is a top-notch premium channel by Lionsgate. Just like Showtime and HBO, Starz offers premium content. There is a massive library of movies and TV shows with all the popular releases and classics. Starz is a large group and has two sister channels namely Starz Encore and MoviePlex. Since everyone is jumping onto the streaming bandwagon, Starz is doing the same and launched a streaming service in 2016. The streaming service costs less than most of its competitors. The library features countless on-demand TV shows and movies. There are TV shows belonging to all genres not limited to sci-fi, drama, crime, and comedy.

Moreover, Starz is famous for its evergreen Hollywood hits. You can find all the popular classics such as the Oscar-winning Apollo 13, E.T, Forest Grump, Schindler’s List, and King Kong. Most importantly, you can have a decent time with movies such as Moneyball, Good Will Hunting, and The Da Vinci Code. 

This isn’t it. The platform has many categories featuring movies from the best actors in Hollywood. These movies are timeless classics earning great applause from the critics and have changed Hollywood cinema forever. For example, Sylvester Stallone’s as Rocky in all-time favorite “Rocky Balboa,” Al Pacino in “Scarface” and Tom Cruise in the “Vanilla Sky.”

However, the true competition lies in the original content and Starz is doing a great job as well. Power is the most popular show Starz has to offer that underlines a drug dealer’s struggle to pursue a legitimate business. If you are a fan of this show, you might get to enjoy “Power Confidential” as well. It is a special aftershow and gets you behind-the-scenes footage and stand-out moments in the show. Just like other streaming platforms, Starz offers an app as well. This app lets you stream all the content directly from your smartphone no matter wherever you are in this world. Luckily Starz is available with DirecTV Now.

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How to get STARZ on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV brings exciting channel lineups with the ability to have all the premium channels at affordable monthly rates. STARZ is available on DIRECTV. The channel number may vary from location to location. Before we get into what channel is Starz on DIRECTV, let us find a little about the service provider.

If there is any satellite provider access to the most US population, it is DIRECTV. Right now, 18.4 million people use DIRECTV service making it one of the most popular satellite TV providers nationwide. The provider has an added benefit because of the mode of transmission. In areas where wired infrastructure cannot reach, satellite does a good job. There are tons of exciting plans without having to compromise on the entertainment. From the ENTERTAINMENT™ to PREMIER™ plan, every package is loaded with extensive channels belonging to all genres such as action, comedy, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports.

The best thing about getting a DIRECTV service is that you can bundle it with your CenturyLink internet service. In this pandemic, we need high-speed internet to work, play, and sometimes relax. Therefore, CenturyLink brings an exciting opportunity to get both services in an affordable monthly charge. CenturyLink Customer Service is quite efficient in terms of service quality and resolving queries.

DIRECTV Plan Monthly Price Subscribe
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XTRA™ $79.99 Call to Order
ULTIMATE™ $84.99 Call to Order
PREMIER™ $134.99 Call to Order
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What channel is Starz on DIRECTV?

Luckily, Starz is available with your DIRECTV plan. Finding the channel number might be a bit tricky. Therefore, we came up with a list of all the channel numbers. If you are wondering, what channel is Starz Western on DIRECTV, here is your answer:  

Channel Channel Number
STARZ (West) 248
STARZ (East) HD 527
STARZ Comedy HD 528
STARZ Edge HD 529
STARZ in Black 530

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Starz (DIRECTV)?

You can find Starz on channel 527 & 528.

What channel is Starz on DIRECTV/Cable?

You can find Starz on channel 527 & 528. The channel number for cable TV varies from provider to provider.

What channel is Outlander (on Starz) on DIRECTV?

You can watch Outlander on Starz channel 527 & 528.

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