Many entertainment-based TV channels are operating in the United States. The Paramount Network is a pay-TV channel owned by Viacom CBS. The group has been known for providing entertainment to the audience for more than four decades now. There have been many changes since its inception. It was first launched as The Nashville Network or TNN. As the name suggests, it was meant to entertain the Southern audience. Later on, an acquisition by Westinghouse changed the dimensions of the channel. This attracted bigger outlets such as Viacom, which took over in 1999. Before this acquisition, TNN was already in the process of phasing out the existing programming for movies, TV series, and sports. This was done in a bid to cater to a bigger audience.

This transition proved very fruitful. TNN was now called The National Network and easily took the spot for one of the best entertainment channels in Middle America.

In 2003, TNN was renamed Spike TV. This event is significant in the history of this network. The channel shifted its focus entirely. Now the focus was entirely on the young male audience and telecasted all the action-based programming. Spike TV also explored the reality TV genre.

It was Spike TV for a while but in 2018, the network was rebranded as the Paramount Network. All those years as Spike TV, the network garnered a great audience and became one of the best American pay-TV channels in the United States. Formerly known as Spike TV, the Paramount Network is your gateway to endless entertainment and action. Although a movie channel is still in the pipeline, we will have to stick with this channel for now.

Spike TV or the Paramount Network is available with CenturyLink.

How to get Spike TV with CenturyLink?

You can get Spike TV with CenturyLink. Before we discuss what channel is Spike on CenturyLink, let’s discuss the service first. CenturyLink is a DSL and fiber ISP, known for its high-speed internet. As we know that more and more people are leaving traditional forms of TV and switching to streaming, CenturyLink offers something really exciting for those customers. You can now bundle a streaming service with your CenturyLink internet. CenturyLink Prism is a popular streaming platform that lets you stream live TV. It has a diverse channel lineup. There are exciting plans to get and it has the following features:

  • More than 120 channels as per your choice
  • Prism ® TV Whole Home DVR
  • Contract-Free plans
  • Affordable monthly charges
Package Number of channels High definition
Prism® Essential 165 HD channels included
Prism® Complete 215 HD channels included
Prism® Preferred 310 HD channels included
Prism® Premium 340 HD channels included

Most importantly, if you want to stick to traditional TV and want countless TV channels, CenturyLink offers that option as well. CenturyLink internet now offers the ability to bundle your internet with DISH, DIRECTV, and AT&T TV.

DIRECTV is a top-notch satellite TV provider to bundle with CenturyLink. Get the exciting lineups with DIRECTV and enjoy seamless connectivity with CenturyLink internet. Record as many shows as you like with the Genie HD DVR making this a complete package.

 What channel is Spike TV on CenturyLink?

As we already know that the channel number and availability may vary from area to area. If you cannot find the desired channel. There is nothing to worry about. You can contact CenturyLink customer service for all the necessary information. They are operating 24/7. What channel number is Spike on CenturyLink?

Channel Name Channel Number Prism® Essential Prism® Complete Prism® Preferred Prism® Premium
Paramount 145
Paramount HD 1145

You can find all the channel number and their availability with the plans by using this table.


Get access to Paramount Network and all the other popular channels on the TV with CenturyLink. These plans are quite affordable. You don’t have to pay any extra amount for the HD boxes. If you feel like doing so, you can get DIRECTV or DISH with CenturyLink. You will get a separate bill for these two services.