National Football League is arguably one of the most celebrated leagues in the United States with a massive fan following. There is hardly any house where the NFL is not watched, debated, and predicted. Sadly, with the pandemic situation, the NFL is under jeopardy as the number of cases has continued to increase. Good thing is that the 2020 NFL season will be back next month. The officials have decided that there will be no preseason games and the season-opener will be the first game to be played September 10, 2020.

NFL Network on Spectrum

NFL is aired across multiple channels in the United States. However, having a dedicated channel outshines them all especially when it has a lot to offer. NFL Network has been a household name ever since its inception. It is a heaven for all the football fans around the world.

Spectrum™ is an ideal cable provider for the sports fan as all the plans have dedicated sports channels so that you can get exclusive updates on your favorite sports. NFL Network is a premium channel so it is not included in the Spectrum Select plan but you can add it for an extra fee. Although, taxes, surcharges, equipment fees, and other fees will be on top of this base rate.

The channel numbers vary from area to area so you can easily get baffled. To save you from the hassle of going through the channel lineups, you can simply visit Spectrum channel lineup to find channel number according to your location.

NFL Network takes you on an adventure!

As you know already, NFL Network is a sports channel owned by National Football League itself. Its primary focus is American football. So it airs game telecasts and NFL related documentaries and specials. NFL is the perfect channel for your daily dose of American Football stuff and news surrounding the sport.

We all have grown up watching NFL Network on many different channels. Nevertheless, our favorite shows have been almost the same. There is no alternative. Some of the most popular shows on NFL Network include:

Thursday Night Football

Not to our surprise, Thursday Night Football is clearly one of the top-five shows on cable television. The show is known for broadcasting all the primetime NFL games produced by NFL Network and CBS Sports itself. The good news is that the Thursday Night Football 2020 will feature 13 matchups.

America’s Game

America’s Game is another reason to get the NFL Network. The Super Bowl Champions is one of the most celebrated documentaries created by NFL Films. It is broadcasted on CBS and NFL Network. The show has around 52 installments showing the first 52 teams winning the NFL’S Super Bowl. Each episode is dedicated to an individual team.

NFL Total Access

NFL Total Access is another crucial program for all the NFL lovers out there. You get all the latest updates on NFL teams, drafts, and results. The show airs interesting debates and analysis on your favorite team’s performance. Players are celebrated and criticized based on their performance in the field. It is also available on Sky Sports.

Path to Draft

Path to Draft is centered around the NFL draft. The episodes analyze the draft, players, and teams.

NFL Fantasy League

NFL cannot go without mentioning the Fantasy League. The league is so addictive that it will hook you forever. NFL Fantasy League lets you start your own league parallel to the actual league. You get to draft your own team and get all your favorite players in the same pool. After drafting, you pick your starting lineup and the Fantasy League runs a simulation of the games. You either win or lose with the drafted team. You can watch the game highlights and trash-talk is always an option.

Download the NFL Fantasy League app to get in the action. Once you enter the world of the Fantasy League, trust me, there is no turning back. The application is highly addictive.