• With 160+ channels consisting of ESPN, ESPN2, and NBCSN in HD
  • Premium subscriptions to Cinemax®, STARZ®, EPIX® and SHOWTIME®

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For 12 mos. plus taxes and fees w/24-mo. On agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Prices higher in 2nd year.

It is safe to say that NFL is a true reflection of American culture. We are formed on the principles of Liberty, Equality, and Justice. For many years, baseball was integral to our democracy but now the trend has shifted as more and more people are inclined towards football. The NFL gets unprecedented success, attendance, revenue, and TV ratings, with little sign of slowing. NFL has woven into the fabric of popular culture by marketing extensively to non-traditional sports fans. The NFL athletes have become icons. The players, executives, coaches, and franchises have the liberty to seek their fortune. Players in their prime build a market for themselves. Coaches are promoted based on their performance. Moreover, the franchises have the choice to leave if they are dissatisfied with their city. The coaches are fired for underperforming, irrespective of their stature. This is a very American idea. Success and failure go hand in hand. You can definitely go from rags to riches and vice versa, everything is according to the fruit of your labor.

For a sport that is close to American values, we need channels that can get us all the exclusive action from the world of the NFL. Countless channels are working on broadcasting NFL matches nationwide. However, NFL Network outshines all of them and is known for its exclusive content.

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DIRECTV is a satellite provider that has extensive coverage in the US. With more than 16 million subscribers, the service quality is outstanding. You can get a variety of channel lineups with programming from the popular genres.

Luckily, DIRECTV can be bundled with CenturyLink internet. You can enjoy DSL and fiber internet with CenturyLink’s state-of-the-art infrastructure. Most importantly, CenturyLink Customer Service is well-equipped and trained to handle all queries regarding the service. There are tons of exciting bundles and promotions. You can bundle CenturyLink Internet with a CenturyLink phone that has countless features and comes with unlimited local and nationwide calling.

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NFL Network on DIRECTV

National Football League itself owns NFL Network. The primary focus of this channel is to air American football. Moreover, it telecast all NFL-related documentaries. It is the perfect channel for the daily dose of NFL-related content. There are many popular shows aired on this network. Thursday Night Football is one of the top cable shows on television. You can watch the primetime broadcast of all the NFL games and features more than 13 matchups. This channel is also popular for America’s Game. This documentary features all the Super Bowl Champions and the history behind their feat. There are 52 different installments, showing all the 52 teams winning the Super Bowl. Each episode is featured on an individual team.

How to get NFL Network on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV Plan Monthly Price Availability To Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT™ $64.99 Call To Order
CHOICE™ $69.99 Call To Order
XTRA™ $79.99 Call To Order
ULTIMATE™ $84.99 Call To Order
PREMIER™ $134.99 Call To Order
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You can have NFL Network with DIRECTV. Before finding out what channel is NFL network HD on DIRECTV, let’s learn a little about DIRECTV service. It is a popular satellite TV provider in the US and offers HD TV  service to more than 18.4 million households nationwide. Unlike cable and fiber providers, DIRECTV has excellent coverage as the signals are transmitted through a wireless network. It is accessible in geographically remote areas.

Moreover, the plans are affordable and you can save a huge sum on your monthly bill without compromising on the entertainment value. The channel lineups are tailored to include all popular genres. From the basic ENTERTAINMENT™ to PREMIER™ plan, all packages guarantee superior entertainment. On top of it, you get:

  • Extensive channel lineup with all popular genres
  • On-demand service for free
  • 4K and HDR programming
  • Genie® HD DVR with 200 hours of space
  • Live TV streaming with the DIRECTV app
  • HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX® and all other premium channels

Now you can bundle your DIRECTV with CenturyLink’s high-speed internet plans. CenturyLink offers fiber and DSL internet connections for your home. The speeds are consistent, thanks to the powerful in-home Wi-Fi.

What channel is NFL Network on DIRECTV?

NFL Network is available on DIRECTV. With the promise of exceptional service and top-notch content, DIRECTV has all the popular channels related to NFL. You can get NFL Network with your DIRECTV plans. What channel number is the NFL network on DIRECTV?

Channel Channel Number
NFL Network HD 212

What channel is NFL Network RedZone on DIRECTV?

If you want NFL-related content on your DIRECTV service, NFL RedZone is your go-to channel.

Channel Channel Number
NFL RedZone 703

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With its exciting plans and diverse channel lineups, DIRECTV is a must-have service for your home. You can bundle DIRECTV with CenturyLink internet to avail extra discounts on the service.

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