Sports fanatics are starving hard to watch their favorite team win. Whether you view live in the stadium or watch them on television, one thing is for sure – your heart races up and your energy level boosts to a new level.

It is not possible every time to buy a ticket and watch a thrilling match in the stadium. At least not for a 9-5 job slave who has to manage his/her responsibilities. But after a tiring and exhausting day, everyone deserves to have a taste of fun.

In recent times, different cable TV providers have emerged offering a pretty decent channel lineup along with extra perks like 100 hours of DVR recording, premium channel add-ons, and on-demand shows and movies.

Among all of the cable providers, one of the most anticipated and loved equally by adults, kids, and old aged people is Optimum. With an extensive channel lineup and no contract signup, Optimum is an optimal choice for those living in the vicinity of the East Coast.

If you are a regular sports watcher, you might know NBCSN, which is popular for extensive coverage of favorite sporting actions including Tour de France and many more. However, the next thing that comes to your mind might be: does Optimum have NBCSN. And if Optimum has NBCSN, then what channel is NBCSN on Optimum.

In this post, we are going to cover everything from what Optimum channel is NBCSN to popular shows and overview of this channel. Without further ado, let’s get started.

NBCSN Overview

NBCSN is a sports channel owned by NBC Sports group, which is a division of NBCUniversal. The American pay television was launched back in 1995 as Outdoor Life Network. The programming included outdoor activities like adventure programs, outdoor sports, fishing, kayaking, and hunting. Outdoor Life Network was popularly known for its coverage of Tour De France. However, over time, it focused on sporting events and decided to relaunch in September 2006.

In 2011, the owner of Comcast acquired NBCUniversal stakes, which led the company to merge its operations of pay channel with NBC. In 2012, Versus was rebranded to NBC Sports Network, which was later known to be NBCSN. In 2014, the majority of NBC Sports networks including NBCSN were moved to Stamford, Connecticut.


Mecum Dealmakers The Dan Patrick Show
Notre Dame Football on NBC NBC Olympic Broadcast
Wednesday Night Hockey Poker after Dark
PowerNation: Detroit Muscle Bill Dance Outdoors
Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine America’s Cup Highlight Show
The Best and Worst of Tired Barta Sunday Night Hockey
Sports Jobs with Junior Seau The Gravity Games on NBC
WEC 34 Tapout
Still Standing: The Earl Campbell Story PowerNation: Detroit Muscle

What Channel Number is NBCSN on Optimum?

City, State Channel Number
Bridgeport, Connecticut 212
Norwalk, Connecticut 212
Litchfield, Connecticut 212
New Haven, Connecticut 212
Great Neck, Long Island West, New York 212
Islip / Woodbury, Long Island West, New York 212
Lynbrook, Long Island West, New York 212
Brookhaven, Long Island East New York 212
East Hampton / Riverhead, Long Island East New York 212
Hauppauge, Long Island Easy New York 212
Bayonne, New Jersey 212
Bergen/Cresskill, New Jersey 212
Elizabeth, New Jersey 212
Hudson, New Jersey 212
Morris County, New Jersey 212
Newark, New Jersey 212
Freehold / Lakewood / Jackson / Millstone, New Jersey 212
Hamilton (NY DMA), New Jersey 212
Hamilton (Philly DMA), New Jersey 212
Raritan Valley, New Jersey 212
Seaside, New Jersey 212
Wall, New Jersey 212
Dutchess, Westchester 212
Eastchester / Bronxville / Tuckahoe, Westchester 212
Matamoras, New York 212
Ossining, New York 212
Ossining / Rockland County, New York 212
Port Chester / Harrison, New York 212
Southern Westchester, New York 212
Wappingers Falls, New York 212
Warwick, New York 212
Yonkers, New York 212
Yorktown / Cross River, New York 212

What Channel is NBCSN on Dish and Other Networks?

Provider Channel Number
Dish Network 159
DirecTV 220 (SD/HD), 1220 (VOD)
AT&T U-verse 640 (SD), 1640 (HD)
Verizon FiOS 90 (SD), 590 (HD)

Why Choose Optimum TV over Other Network to Watch NBCSN?

If you have not subscribed to cable TV yet, and finding answers to why Optimum TV is the best choice, then here are few reasons to choose Optimum over others.

Extensive Channel Lineup

The purpose of a cable TV subscription for any household is to get the maximum number of channels. Especially those who are having kids, adults, and teenagers at home, would know how diverse the needs of everyone are. So here’s the first reason to choose Optimum TV over other networks.

The huge channel lineup offered by Optimum TV provides something for everyone in the home. For instance, sports fanatics would love to watch NFL, MLB, and ESPN. In addition, Optimum has plenty of channels for sports lovers including Sports Overflow, ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Red Zone, NBA TV, Olympic Channel, and many more.

Moreover, Optimum TV also covers a lot more than you can expect. For instance, there are Spanish channels like Foro TV, CNN en Espanol, NTN 24, and many more. Plus you can also get premium channels for extra money and watch your favorite shows on HBO on Demand, SHOWTIME, STARZ, MoreMax, ActionMax, Cinemax, and many more.

Video on Demand

If you are dying to watch your favorite shows and movies in the first instance, then Optimum TV offers you video on demand. Video on demand is a good option for those who rarely get the chance to watch their favorite shows and movies. Just check favorite shows and movies on VOD and get started instantly. Nothing can compare to the excitement of watching your favorite program on weekend nights.

Watch on the Go

Most of the cable TV providers are offering a seamless TV viewing experience without letting anyone stick to just one place. Optimum TV is not an exception as there is an app to help you watch your favorite shows on the go. Optimum allows you to search for your favorite show according to your preferred genre. Additionally, you can also access DVR recordings and on-demand content.

Cloud DVR

Cloud DVR is another feature that sets Optimum TV apart from the rest of the service providers. If you can’t afford to miss your favorite ongoing series, but a tight schedule won’t allow you to do so – worry not, because Optimum TV takes care of its customers and offers Cloud DVR service to help them record their favorite programs and watch in their free time. You can record 15 shows with Cloud DVR and watch them, as you like. Play, pause, and rewind the show whenever you want.

Voice Activated Remote

Optimum TV also gives a voice-activated remote to help you control TV functions and more through your voice. You never have to touch your remote again and manage all the functions with the help of your voice. Just point the remote in any direction and say the command. Wasn’t that easy?

Summing Up

In this post we have discussed what channel is NBCSN on Optimum, some popular shows to watch on NBCSN, and why choose Optimum TV over other networks. If Optimum TV plans and packages are meeting your requirements, then without further delay call customer service at 1-844-518-2667.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel is NBCSN on Optimum Warwick, New York?

NBCSN on Optimum Warwick New York is on channel number 212

What Channel is NBCSN on Optimum Morris County, New Jersey?

NBCSN on Optimum Morris County New Jersey is on channel number 212.

What Channel is NBCSN on Optimum Great Neck, Long Island West, New York?

NBCSN on Optimum Great Neck Long Island West New York is on channel number 212

What Optimum channel is NBCSN in New Haven, Connecticut?

Optimum channel NBCSN in New Haven Connecticut is on channel number 212

What Channel is NBCSN on Optimum Matamoras, New York?

NBCSN on Optimum Matamoras New York is on channel number 212

What channel on optimum is NBCSN in Bayonne, New Jersey?

NBCSN on Optimum Bayonne New Jersey is on channel number 212

Does Optimum have NBCSN?

Yes, Optimum have NBCSN. For channel number, please refer to the post.

What Optimum plan has NBCSN on?

Optimum offers NBCSN on all of its plans including Core TV, Select TV, and Premier TV.

How to watch NBCSN without cable?

There are plenty of ways to watch NBCSN without cable such as live streaming services. Some of the streaming services that offer NBCSN are Hulu, Sling TV, AT&T TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, TVision, Roku, Apple TV, and NBC Sports App. For more info about live-streaming apps, click here.