MTV is without a doubt the greatest entertainment provider out there. Started in 1981, music videos were shown in programs presented by TV personalities named video jockeys or VJs. Through the years, the content of MTV adjusted to evolving times. Targeting young adults was slowly moving from music to reality. Popular for its originality and imagination, MTV has been watched every day by millions. Why will movies like Pimp my Ride and MTV Cribs be forgotten? Or, the new shows include Families of the Mafia, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and The Hills. These are a few shows that will hook you up.

And if this is not enough, you should certainly clear your timetables for an enjoyable and entertaining evening, the most-watched festival in the music business, the annual MTV Video Music Awards.

If you have recently subscribed to Spectrum TV plan, the only aspect to stand in the path with MTV tuning is to locate the channel numbers that it shows in the Spectrum Channel Lineup. And, honestly, it's not even that hard, it could be simply figured by giving a call on the spectrum phone number. We have a compilation of the MTV Spectrum channel numbers accessible in various nations.

Spectrum TV Plans

MTV network provides many excellent channels, each of which delivers quality content that enlightens the mood. MTV, MTV Original, MTV Live HD and MTV2 are among them. You have to switch to the Spectrum Gold package to access all channels from the MTV network. Although you just get MTV from Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver enables you to view the traditional MTV & MTV. Since the Spectrum Gold kit is filled from any big network with the latest and the most content, it contains the whole MTV bonanza. This is not so shocking because premium content from MTVs means that it is in general on the higher rates of channel line-ups. So, if you belong to Spectrum Select and choose to update which MTV network you have on the board, make the job super simple with the request from Spectrum Customer Service to get upgraded instantly.

What number is it on Spectrum?

Once you set up your cable package, the first thing everyone does is search for their preferred channel in synchronization. When you figure it, you should breathe a sigh of relaxation and jump to your next favorite channel. But, it's not always easy to locate a channel number. Essentially, because the number of channels ranges from area to area, and it is frustrating.

What shows do you get?

Here are a few TV hits which make people anxious about the next season.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation

This show centers around seven housemates on holidays. The third season was a wedding proposal for Angelina Pivarnicks and a tax prison order for Mike Sorrentino. In the second half of the season, Angelina Pivarnick attends the bachelorette party and her engagement, freeing her after eight months in federal prison.

Families of the Mafia

The show is made up of four Staten Island families – many of whom are linked to some of the most infamous Mafia leaders. This shows the growing difference between former leaders of the Mafia who wish their children to lead decent lives and the rest. Karen Gravano wants her daughter not to be swept up with a Mob culture with her latest preview. They claim that you can't get out until you move into the mafia and it is important to see if the Karen wish comes true.