From a humble beginning, MTV went on becoming a popular channel when it aired in the 80s and redefined the music culture of its era. Its influence is still present in the music industry scenes. The launch of cable TV redefined our television. While we have an obvious audience for news and movies, music is not looked upon as something of greater value. Similarly, when MTV came into existence, no one imagined it to revolutionize our entertainment industry.

In the 1980s, music videos were generally short in supplies. As a result, MTV was forced to play whatever they had. The record companies in the US at that time did not believe that MTV could play a major role in their promotion at any cost. Therefore, all the videos MTV played at that time came from Europe. The record companies used to make promotional films for their stars and MTV played them on cable TV. They had just 250 videos, to begin with. Consequently, all the artists were given a lot of exposure. All thanks to the desperation and repetition.

Later on, the channel grew to such heights that it was an honor itself to be featured on MTV. For any artist, having their video featured on MTV was a big deal.

MTV has evolved with time to adjust to the needs of its audience. In the early 2000s, the strategy was to target the young audience. Today, it something for you all. It is known and popular for its originality and imagination. Therefore, millions watch MTV. There are some great shows to binge-watch as well. These shows include The Hills, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and Families of the Mafia.

Just like MTV, Spectrum offers countless music and entertainment programming. These channels include BET, CMT, FM, Fuse, GAC, Nick Music, Ovation, Revolt, VH1, and Canal Sur. If you are wondering what channel is MTV on cable, don’t worry! We have got you covered with our detailed channel guide.

What channel is MTV on Charter?

The number of music channels you get on Spectrum cable depends on the plan that you have subscribed to. The Spectrum Select Plan is the most basic plan that has over 120 channels in the lineup. The lineup has CMT and MTV but many music channels are missing.

However, if you subscribe to Spectrum silver package or Spectrum Gold, you get access to FM, Fuse, GAC, VH1, and countless other music or entertainment channels. The reason being that Spectrum Silver has 170+ channels in the lineup while Spectrum Gold has 200+ channels. The channel lineup also includes some of the premium channels. What channel is MTV live on Spectrum? The channel number and availability vary from location to location. Therefore, we created a comprehensive table on the channel number according to different cities and states.

City, State Channel Number
Albertville, AL 68 & 874
Yuma, AZ 44
San Bernardino, CA 37
Central Florida, FL 73
Columbus, GA 38 & 874
Jennings, LA 66 & 874
Hanover, IN 53
Charlton, MA 68 & 712
Great Falls, MT 26 & 526
Manhattan, NY 20
San Antonio, TX 34
Charlestown, IN 37
Carson City, NV 64 & 749
Wapata, WA 67 & 749
El Paso, TX 68
Newcastle, WY 532
Ashford, CT 64 & 712
Belleville, IL 42
Saint Joseph, MN 39 & 745


With such extensive area coverage, it is difficult to point out all the channel numbers. You can check Spectrum channel lineup for detailed information about the channels and their availability. Nevertheless, Spectrum should be your first choice when it comes to cable TV and high-speed internet. The internet and TV bundles are available on contract-free terms and have so many additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is MTV on spectrum NYC?

You can find MTV on channel # 20 in NYC.

What channel is MTV2 on Spectrum in Los Angeles?

You can find MTV on channel # 20 in NYC.

What channel number is MTV on Spectrum in San Antonio?

You can find MTV on channel # 34 in San Antonio.