With countless avenues of entertainment on cable TV and streaming, one simply cannot run out of options. The cord-cutting movement has actually pushed the traditional TV services to do more and therefore, the inculcation of streaming within the traditional TV through on-demand is the right step towards the future.

There are many streaming services available in the market and it is your discretion whether you wish to have one of the popular ones or combine multiple services together. The TV providers have introduced on-demand libraries to cater to streaming needs. These on-demand libraries have hundreds of movies, TV shows for you to binge-watch, and there are no charges for this service. The variety of channel lineups along with these extra features make cable TV ideal for your home and office.

MeTV is a popular American pay-tv network. MeTV stands for Memorable Entertainment Television. Old is Gold! This is the channel’s motto and this is everything MeTv stands for!

Back in the 2000s, MeTV came as a special channel dedicated to classic programming. It did not undergo a massive change but stayed true to its roots. It was originally a programming block on a Chicago-based TV station and featured shows from the 80s such as One Day at a Time, I Love Lucy, and many more like these. The network was expanded in 2010 and was focused on a nationwide viewership. Having a standardized schedule opened new avenues for the network as it opened to new affiliations with other TV stations. Today MeTV is a popular choice in America and accessible to 96% of households nationwide. This is not a small figure.

DIRECTV is a popular provider in the United States. It is home to America’s most popular channels. What channel is MeTV on DIRECTV? Let’s find out.

How to get MeTV on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is a top-notch satellite TV provider. The channel lineups are diverse and provide all the premium, popular, and local TV networks at an affordable monthly charge. If you are using DIRECTV, can you access MeTV? The answer is yes. Before figuring out, On DIRECTV what channel is MeTV, Let’s talk about DIRECTV first.

Satellite TV has been a constant entertainment source for us and it is safe to say that DIRECTV is a top provider on that list. You can have endless entertainment and non-stop action. The service is accessible to 18.4 million people and this number keeps on growing. The features you get with the plan are quite exciting and the channel lineups are ideal for an average American household.

Some of the prominent features include:

  • Top channel lineups for your home
  • Best DVR service with extensive storage
  • Live TV Streaming
  • Premium channels

These exciting features make DIRECTV a must-have service for your home. Without high-speed internet, your TV plan is incomplete. Especially when bundling helps you save a lot on your monthly bill, you need to get two services instead of one! High-speed internet is crucial for streaming, downloading, and whatnot! CenturyLink internet can now be bundled with DIRECTV plans. CenturyLink offers ultra-fast download speeds that have tremendous applications. No matter you have basic usage or you need it for 4K streaming, downloading, or online gaming, CenturyLink has got you covered! It has both fiber and DSL services.

Most importantly, CenturyLink promises seamless connectivity with CenturyLink Customer Service. Internet outages are common and can occur with almost any provider. However, if your provider can solve your issues and provide you best possible support even in an outage, that is the customer service you deserve.

DIRECTV Plan Monthly Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT™ $64.99 Call to Order
CHOICE™ $69.99 Call to Order
XTRA™ $79.99 Call to Order
ULTIMATE™ $84.99 Call to Order
PREMIER™ $134.99 Call to Order

What channel is MeTV for DIRECTV?

MeTV’s inclusion with DIRECTV can be a bit tricky. MeTV is not a national channel. It is usually broadcasted as a sub-channel. If you are, getting sub-channels in your area with your DIRECTV service, well and good.  To set it up, you need to have the free OTA while tuning your TV. Secondly, the channel availability varies from location to location. What channel is the MeTV on DIRECTV?

Channel name Location Channel Number
MeTV Seattle 12
MeTV New York 33
KAZA LA 54-1

Looking for more? Check out channel numbers for all the popular channels on DIRECTV: