After a hectic day at work, a dose of entertainment can help us refuel and energize, making the end of our day a good one. What this means is, switching on the TV and tuning in to one of the most wanted channels, known for its outstanding content - Lifetime! It has become one of the most-watched channels among Americans for all the right reasons. Owing to its growing popularity, various providers offer the Lifetime channel as a part of their channel line-up. Thus, all of the Spectrum cable TV packages also include Lifetime in the channel line-up for you to enjoy. If you want to find out which Spectrum cable plans offer Lifetime channel, we have it all covered for you here. Also, delving into the vast Spectrum TV channel line up to find out what channel is Lifetime on Spectrum TV could be an arduous task. Therefore, to take all your worries away, we have covered that too. Let's dive in!

What Channel Number is Lifetime on Spectrum?

Subscribing to any of the Spectrum deals can be super exciting but it can be a tedious task to find out what station is Lifetime on Spectrum by surfing through the pool of hundreds of channels included in the Spectrum channel line up. To save you from such frustration, we have covered what channel is Lifetime Movie Network on Spectrum along with the channel numbers for Lifetime and Lifetime Real Women, in the table below. All you have to do is locate your city and determine what channel does Lifetime come on Spectrum for you. Problem solved!

What Channel on Spectrum is Lifetime for Different Cities?

Here is a list of channel numbers for Lifetime in different cities of the United States:

City/State Lifetime Lifetime Real Women Lifetime Movie Network
Albertville, Alabama 25/738 - 90/864
Grand Junction, Colorado 46/584 - 90/590
Los Angeles, California 53 174 630
Allendale, Michigan 41/758 - 44/812
Avon, Indiana 29 214 89
Saint Louis, Missouri 29/737 86 67/864
Great Falls, Montana 16/584 - 90/590
Lincoln, Nebraska 54 174 53
Alexandria, Kentucky 60 124 87
Knoxville, Tennessee 25/738 164 96/864
Dayton, Ohio 35 212 61
Orlando, Florida 40 157 55
El Paso, Texas 49 - 77
Carson City, Nevada 28/738 143 59/731
Athens, Georgia 27/761 - 87/864
Jacksonville, North Carolina 38 174 37
Wapato, Washington 29/738 125 85/864
Greenville, South Carolina 26/749 164 168/750
Bristol, Virginia 25/738 164 96/864
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 65 174 79
Sheboygan, Wisconsin 39/635 - 79/638
Staten Island, New York 62 174 80
Belleville, Illinois 29/737 86 67/864

In case, you still have queries like what channel is Lifetime on Time Warner Spectrum, what channel is Lifetime on Spectrum Basic able or you just can’t find your area in the above table, simply call a Spectrum customer service representative. They’re available 24/7 to answer all your queries right away.

Which Spectrum Packages Provide Access to Lifetime?

Knowing that the Lifetime channel is one of the most popular channels among viewers, Spectrum TV makes sure that it is included in all of its plans. This means that whether you have opted for Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, or Spectrum Gold, you can watch the Lifetime channel anytime. Here is a quick look at the Lifetime channels you can enjoy with each Spectrum plan.

Channel Spectrum TV Select Spectrum TV Silver Spectrum TV Gold
Lifetime YES YES YES
Lifetime Real Women NO YES YES
Lifetime Movie Network NO YES YES

Top Shows Not to Miss

Once you have found out what channel is Lifetime in Spectrum channel lineup, it's time to talk about the TV shows you must catch up on. There are a plethora of TV shows on Lifetime that you would not want to miss. However, here are a couple of shows that are a must-watch.

• Bring it!

If you love dancing then this show is for you. Coach Dianna Williams along with her Dancing Dolls rock the dance floor to beat their rivals. The dance routines are spectacular and the competition is intense.

• Child Genius

A show that addresses the issue of student debt hits a chord for many. With 20 children selected from across America, it is thrilling to watch how they pull through the challenges and beat the tough competition.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Lifetime channel fan and love watching its reality shows and the subjects they revolve around, you have all the information to access this channel as a Spectrum TV subscriber. To avail of maximum benefits, you can also check out Spectrum bundle offers to enjoy your favorite channels along with the high-speed Spectrum internet and/or Spectrum phone for unlimited calling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum New York?

You can find Lifetime on channel number 62 in the Spectrum New York channel lineup.

What channel number is Lifetime on Spectrum Los Angeles?

Lifetime can be accessed on channel number 53 in the Spectrum Los Angeles channel lineup.