No one can deny that HBO is an amazing network that provides unparalleled entertainment to its audience. What’s more, the channel plays around with diversity by offering different sister networks, such as HBO Family, HBO Signature, HBO Latino and HBO Comedy, etc. where you can watch specific programming, tailored for your needs.

Fun fact: Home Box Office is owned by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks, a company that consists of other premium entertainment assets, like Cinemax as well as Warner Bros. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can get a variety of different entertaining shows and programs on this network.

Recently, HBO captured the world’s attention by broadcasting a television series, Game of Thrones, which became an international hit at once. You can get access to this and other binge-worthy shows by subscribing to HBO through Xfinity. Viewers can watch HBO on Xfinity TV irrespective of their location since Xfinity is by far the largest cable provider in the States.

Speaking of Xfinity, did you know that it is one of the most reliable and efficient cable TV service providers in America that successfully covers almost forty states? Yes, Comcast leaves a great impression on consumers by delivering top-notch cable TV service, along with Xfinity Internet and Phone.

This blog post will show you exactly what channel is HBO on Xfinity and will help you understand the benefits of subscribing to Xfinity services, to enjoy the mind-blowing entertainment provided by Home Box Office. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


How to Get HBO on Xfinity?

Before we discover the HBO channel number on Xfinity, let’s discuss the wonderful services delivered by the cable provider. Xfinity has made its name across the US by satisfying its customers through a variety of amazing services, packages, deals, and the ever-popular Xfinity bundles. It has revolutionized the cable TV experience by adding modern and innovative features, such as the all-in-one X1 platform that sports a single seamless interface connecting your internet and TV services.

Xfinity X1 not only offers easy access to Netflix but also includes an exclusive On Demand content library. Plus, with Xfinity, you get to enjoy:

  • Live TV shows & On Demand on multiple screens
  • 4K Ultra HD & DVR capabilities
  • Xfinity Sports Zone
  • A massive channel lineup
  • Voice Remote to search anything with a single command!

To get the HBO channel on Xfinity, simply place your order online for the Xfinity Digital Premier package to start watching HBO right away. You can also add on the HBO Max premium service for $15.99/month to your existing X1 subscription during checkout

What Channel is HBO on Xfinity Cable?

To save you from any trouble, this blog post gives you a direct answer to locate your favorite TV channel, HBO, on Xfinity channel lineup. Look at the following table to find the channel information about HBO and its amazing sister channels.

Central Division

HBO Channel & Sister ChannelsHBO Channel Number on Xfinity
HBO 2552

Channel availability and number may vary from area to area.

Northeast Division

HBO Channel & Sister ChannelsHBO Channel Number on Xfinity
HBO 2302

Channel availability and number may vary from area to area.

Western Division

HBO Channel & Sister ChannelsHBO Channel Number on Xfinity

Channel availability and number may vary from area to area.

Watch HBO Channel on Xfinity Today!

HBO broadcasts mouth-watering programming in a variety of forms. You can watch dramas, comedy shows, sports events, reality shows, and documentaries on HBO. Intriguing shows such as The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, and Generation Kill are widely praised for their engaging and captivating plots. Moreover, HBO dark comedy shows such as Berry and Big Little Lies are popular for their outstanding content and acting.

So what are you waiting for? Just subscribe to your favorite Xfinity plan and start watching the HBO channel number on Xfinity today. If you’re still wondering what channel is HBO Go on Xfinity or what channel is HBO Now on Xfinity, pick up your phone and call 1-844-572-2230 for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is HBO on Xfinity Houston?

HBO is available on channel 550 (Eastern Time) & channel 551 (Western Time) on Xfinity Houston lineup.

What channel is HBO on Xfinity Seattle?

You can get HBO on channel 550 (Eastern Time) & channel 551 (Western Time) on Xfinity Seattle lineup.

What channel is HBO on Xfinity Massachusetts?

HBO programming airs on channel 301 on Xfinity Massachusetts lineup.

What channel is HBO Max on Xfinity?

You can stream HBO Max online by going here and signing in with your Xfinity credentials.

What channel is HBO on Xfinity Miami?

You can watch HBO on channel 302 (Eastern Time) & channel 307 (Western Time) on Xfinity Miami lineup.