Since the cord-cutting movement started, many streaming services have tried to take over the landscape and explore new possibilities in this market. The streaming wars are real and now media giants are investing a serious amount of money in this. Netflix and Amazon Prime are known for their original content. However, the credit of this trend must be given to HBO, as it is the pioneer of subscription-based TV entertainment.

HBO Max is HBO’s bid in the streaming wars. The result is a slick app stuffed with countless popular movies and TV shows. You can access HBO’s entire catalog and there are some all-time favorites like Rick and Morty, the Lord of the Rings series, Friends, and Sesame Street. Moreover, you get a solid streaming library for children as well.

If you already have HBO with Spectrum, the upgrade will just cost you the same $15 per month. The upgrade brings a shiny interface and tons of content. However, if you are a new subscriber, the price will be higher.

Most importantly, HBO MAX lets you run three streams simultaneously. You can have five user profiles; a feature not previously available on HBO Now or GO apps. If you are wondering what TV channel is the HBO Max on Spectrum, we have got you covered with our detailed guide.

Spectrum understands this growing demand for streaming services and therefore, Spectrum has changed the idea of traditional cable forever. The plans include free on-demand and high-definition so that you can stream all your favorite shows and movies without having to sacrifice on the cable TV channels.

What channel is HBO MAX on Spectrum?

Spectrum offers a great number of premium channels such as SHOWTIME®, STARZENCORE®, STARZ®, EPIX®, and THE MOVIE CHANNEL™. Most importantly, Spectrum now offers an HBO Max subscription with your TV plan. There are countless benefits of getting HBO Max with Spectrum. You can watch all the HBO channels and get access to the on-demand library. You can even download the HBO Max app on your phone and stream any show whenever you like.

HBO Max has something for everyone. You can enjoy all-time hit movies, binge-watch your favorite series on HBO and discover new HBO Max originals. If you are a Spectrum Select customer, you can add HBO Max to your plan for just $15/month.

There is a special benefit for the Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold customers. They can have HBO Max at no additional charges. What channel number is HBO max on Spectrum?

This is for the people who do not have HBO® through Spectrum TV. You can upgrade your plan right from the Spectrum receiver or online to get access to HBO Max. Once you have the access, you can tune to channel no. 2495 and binge-watch all your favorite shows right away.

This is valid for all Spectrum customers.

How to get HBO Max for free?

This is an exciting opportunity for Spectrum customers. If you are a Spectrum customer and already have HBO in your plan, you will be able to access HBO Max for free. HBO Max includes everything available on HBO and top old shows, extra movies, originals, and other TV series. However, your access will be a bit limited. You will not be able to unlock all the extras. For that, you have to get the entire subscription.


Is HBO Max worth the price? The answer is yes. HBO has been home to amazing movies, TV shows, and original series. Getting all the content in one place is nothing short of a luxury. Therefore, it is better to get Spectrum Silver or Gold plans. HBO Max is included with these plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Spectrum channel is HBO max on?

You can watch HBO Max on channel 2495.

Is HBO Max free for Spectrum customers?

Spectrum Silver and Gold customers can get HBO Max for free.

How much does HBO Max cost?

You can add HBO Max to your Select plan for an additional $15 per month.