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  • Premium subscriptions to Cinemax®, STARZ®, EPIX® and SHOWTIME®
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Despite cable being one of the most popular entertainment sources in the world right now, streaming services are cutting in by exploring new possibilities. The streaming wars, cord-cutting, and all these emerging trends are receiving a lot of attention, and media houses are investing a serious ton into making the most of these trends. Netflix and Prime Video are known for their exclusive content while all the other platforms follow them religiously. However, this couldn’t have been possible without mentioning HBO and its contribution to subscription-based entertainment. It wasn’t only the first channel to do so but it also changed the course of home-based entertainment forever.

While all the popular channels are introducing subscription-based streaming, HBO has jumped on the same bandwagon by introducing HBO Max. This slick app has countless TV shows and movies.

Most importantly, it lets you access HBO’s catalog and there are some pretty awesome titles waiting for you to binge such as Rick and Morty, Friends, the Lord of the Rings series, Sesame Street, and Friends. This does not end here. If you have children at home, it has got you covered as well. Many providers have them separately. By paying an additional amount every month, you can have it as a part of your lineup as well. HBO Max is a part of WarnerMedia and you get the blend of all the great HBO series, documentaries, and some exciting shows from Warner Bros., and DC. There are more than 10,000 hours of content waiting for you to watch.

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Luckily, HBO Max is available on DIRECTV. It is a popular satellite provider with extensive area coverage and diverse channel lineups.

How to get HBO MAX on DIRECTV?

HBO stands for Home Box Office and as the name suggests HBO Max gets you the best in-home entertainment. You can get HBO Max with DIRECTV. Since the DIRECTV channel lineups are quite extensive and channel numbers differ from area to area, therefore, it is easy to get lost while finding a channel. Before we find what channel HBO Max is on DIRECTV, let us discuss in detail the DIRECTV services. As a popular satellite provider, DIRECTV has access to 18.4 million people nationwide. The signals are transferred with the help of a satellite dish. Therefore, it has better coverage than fiber and cable.

Most importantly, everything fits in the budget. You spend the same amount of your monthly bill and don’t have to compromise on its entertainment value. There are many perks included with the plans. The channel lineups are well-tailored and have all the popular genres including sports, action, comedy, news, and lifestyle.

No matter whether you get the ENTERTAINMENT™ package or the PREMIER™ package, all plans guarantee non-stop entertainment. On top of it, you get:

  • Diverse  channel lineups with all popular genres
  • On-demand service included
  • Limited 4K and HDR
  • Genie® HD DVR with 200 storage hours
  • Ability to Live TV streaming
  • HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX® and all other premium channels

Moreover, there are amazing benefits if you can bundle services together. For example, you can bundle DIRECTV with AT&T Internet. In terms of service quality, you can easily rely on AT&T customer service , which has all the tools to help you sort out the issues at hand. So if you wish to avail both the essential services together, then subscribe to DIRECTV via internet plans. However, if you are still planning to get a standalone DIRECTV via satellite plans, then go ahead and explore the plans given in the table below:

DIRECTV PlansChannel Count Pricing
CHOICE™185+Click her
ULTIMATE™250+Click her
PREMIER™330+Click her

What channel number is HBO Max on DIRECTV?

You can get HBO Max on DIRECTV. Check if your plan has HBO Max or not. You can get it as an add-on. For that, you will have to upgrade your package or plan. You can also sign up directly on the website. This will be a separate service and HBO MAX will bill you separately. If you want to find out what channel number is HBO Max on DIRECTV, we have got you covered:

ChannelChannel Number
HBO Max501
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Put some excitement to your DIRECTV service by bundling it with high-speed internet from CenturyLink. This will not only help you stream all the exciting TV shows and movies but you can also download movies and play online games without any lag. HBO Max is a must-have service if you want to watch all the box-office hits. Just get it on your DIRECTV service today!