Cable TV is one of the best sources of information and entertainment. Depending on which provider you choose, you can watch hundreds of channels in high-definition on your cable TV, ranging from news to sports. But, if you are a teenager or young adult who is making sense of life as you go along, then we recommend you to watch Freeform on Cox.

Freeform is a basic cable network that is the flagship property of ABC Family Worldwide. Its sister channels are ABC, FX, FXX, FXM, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD, which are loved by a significant majority of American viewership. Freeform isn’t exactly what you call a universal channel – amusing every age group of viewers. Instead, it targets a specific kind of audience, which it terms as “becomers.” Becomers are the people, falling between 14 to 34 years, who are in the process of figuring out the world. They are smart millennials, who question everything, defy expectations, bust stereotypes, and look forward to a more inclusive future. If you fall in this category, then, congratulations, you have found a channel that speaks your language.

Donning a slogan that impels you to move “A Little Forward”, Freeform packs powerful programming, customized just for your unique taste. The network broadcasts its original drama series, like Good Trouble, Motherland: Fort Salem, and The Bold Type, on primetime every Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesdays, you’ll find original comedy series like Everything’s Gonna Be Okay and Grown-ish, mixed with syndicated re-runs of Family Guy, The Middle, and The Simpsons. From Thursday onwards until the end of the weekend, Freeform airs movies from as early as 7 a.m. and to as late as 2 a.m. ET. These movies include select Disney Channel Original Movies like the High School Musical series, the Harry Potter series, the Cinderella Story series, the Legally Blonde series, feature films from Walt Disney Pictures and 20th Century Studios, and theatrical releases of Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., and Paramount Pictures. In addition to this, Freeform also premiers its made-for-TV original films – the most popular of which are Ice Angel, Night of the Twisters, Holiday in Handcuffs, and the Au Pair trilogy – and programming blocks like 30 Days of Disney, Funday Weekend, Family Guy Fridays, 31 Nights of Halloween and 25 Days of Christmas, etc.

The good news is that you can get a taste of Freeform’s amazing programming simply by getting a Cox cable subscription. There is no denying of the fact that Cox is one of the best cable companies you’ll come across in the busy telecom market, the reasons for which you’ll read in the upcoming sections. So, stay tuned to our channel guide, and discover what station is Freeform on Cox.

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How to Get Freeform on Cox?

Cox Communications is the 3rd largest residential cable provider in the US, delivering its high-quality services to more than twenty million households. So, if you happen to live in an urban community or a suburban area, chances are that you’ll find Cox at your doorstep. Cox uses a state-of-the-art hybrid-fiber-coaxial wiring system to transmit high-speed Cox internet, digital home phone, smart home, and security services to its entire subscriber footprint. But, the most popular Cox service is Contour TV, which redefines the way you watch cable television. Unlike its competitors, Cox brings unlimited freedom to your fingertips. Recently, it has changed its shopping experience to include more personalization and customization features. Now, you can pick your channels, choose your equipment, and alter Cox cable packages according to your needs. In addition to hundreds of channels, you get:

  • A huge selection of Live TV channels and over 275,000 On Demand titles
  • Contour Voice Remote for a hands-free entertainment control
  • Built-in streaming apps from YouTube to TubiTV for an extra bit of fun
  • Sports and channel packs to take your entertainment to the next level
  • One Contour TV HD cable box, Record 1 Starter DVR service and a choice of HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® or Cinemax® included for a year

 And so much more! To access Freeform programming on Cox, you’ll have to subscribe to a higher Contour TV tier, since the entry-level Starter doesn’t offer this mega-network on its local lineup. Worried about the price? Don’t be. Contour TV Preferred comes under $100 while delivering 100+ channels and several other perks alongside. It gives more value and more performance for the price. Sounds fair? So, whether you select a standalone Cox cable plan or bundle your service together to save even more money, you’ll be able to watch the best shows and movies on Freeform. Here’s an illustrative table to make things clearer:

Cox TV Package Channel Count Freeform Availability
Contour TV Starter 75+
Contour Flex 75+
Contour TV Preferred 140+
Contour TV Ultimate 250+

How can you get the Freeform channel on Cox? Well, by simply calling 1-855-814-6044 and signing up for Contour TV Preferred or above cable packages of your preference.

What Channel is Freeform on Cox Cable?

State City Freeform Channel Number
Arizona Phoenix 39/1039
Arkansas Fort Smith 36/2036
California San Diego 19/1019
Connecticut East Hartford 37/1037
Florida Fort Walton Beach 40/1040
Georgia Centerville 67/1067
Idaho Bellevue 57/1057
Iowa Carter Lake 40/1040
Kansas Wichita 47/2047
Louisiana New Orleans 65/1065
Massachusetts Holland 37/1037
Nebraska Omaha 40/1040
Nevada Las Vegas 59/1059
North Carolina Knotts Island 19/1019
Ohio Cleveland 20/1020
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 36/775
Rhode Island East Providence 38/1038
Virginia Virginia Beach 19/1019

Channel availability and number may vary from area to area.

Watch Freeform on Cox Cable Today!

Freeform has an inventory of the most relatable TV shows and original movies, which will address your concerns, hit your nerve, and entertain you all the same. It is the perfect cable channel for young adults, millennials, and teenagers who’re growing up and figuring out life in general. This post shows you how to subscribe to the Freeform Cox channel and tells you what number is Freeform on Cox channel lineups. Keep this channel guide close the next time you tune into a programming block on the weekend. In case you have more questions, feel free to contact the ever-helpful Cox customer service anytime you want to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Freeform on Cox Oklahoma?

Freeform is available on channel 36/775 on Cox in Oklahoma.

What channel is Freeform on Cox Arizona?

You can get Freeform on channel 39/1039 with Cox in Arizona.

What channel is Freeform on Cox San Diego?

Switch to channel 19/1019 to watch Freeform on Cox San Diego.

What channel is Freeform on Cox Las Vegas?

You can watch Freeform on channel 59/1059 on Cox Las Vegas programming.