Countless TV service providers in America are providing services to millions of people across the country. Digging into those countless cable service providers and then finding out which provider suits your needs and entertainment budget best can be a very frustrating process. It can be a tough job to pull out the best when there are multiple options in the bucket.

Thanks to DIRECTV, America’s number 1 satellite TV service provider, millions of people in America are getting services that they are happy with. DIRECTV offers a channel lineup to its customers that includes all the regular local and popular cable channels like FOX, ABC, Nickelodeon, and many others. With DIRECTV, you get to watch all kinds of content. If you are a sports freak, you will get popular sports channels. If you are a movie freak, you will get the best movie channels. You just name it and DIRECTV will have that channel. DIRECTV offers its customers different packages with varying channel lineups and you can pick one as per your needs.

What Channel is FOX News on DIRECTV?

The FOX network has blessed us with different blockbuster movies and some amazing TV shows of different genres loved by Americans. However, the FOX network doesn’t just offer movies and TV shows to its customers, but also runs a dedicated news channel so you get to know what’s happening in the world and stay updated. FOX also runs a business network and covers all major sports through its dedicated sports channels.

If you were searching for FOX News in the DirecTV channel lineup, it would be pretty difficult for you to pull up that one channel among hundreds of channels being offered. It may seem like looking for a person who has the same way of thinking as you do. It will be a time-consuming process, you’ll probably get frustrated, and you might even miss your favorite show which you don’t want of course.

However, in a matter of seconds, you can find out what channel is FOX News on DIRECTV in your city. The city-wide chart below will help you find the required channel so that you never miss out on your favorite show.

City/State Channel Number
New York City, NY 360
Chicago, IL 360
Los Angeles, CA 360
Houston, TX 360
Phoenix, AZ 360
Philadelphia, PA 360
San Antonio, TX 360
San Diego, CA 360
Dallas, TX 360
San Jose, CA 360
Austin, TX 360
Fort Worth, TX 360
San Francisco, CA 360
Columbus, OH 360
Charlotte, NC 360
Seattle, WA 360
Washington, DC 360
Boston, MA 360
Nashville, TN 360
Detroit, MI 360
Oklahoma City, OK 360
Memphis, TN 360
Louisville, KY 360
Baltimore, MD 360
Milwaukee, WI 360
Albuquerque, NM 360
Tucson, AZ 360
Fresno, CA 360
Sacramento, CA 360
Mesa, AZ 360
Atlanta, GA 360
Kansas City, MO 360
Colorado Springs, CO 360
Miami, FL 360
Oakland, CA 360
Minneapolis, MN 360
Arlington, TX 360
Tampa, FL 360
New Orleans, LA 360

Once you figure out the channel number, it will be smooth sailing from there. Although, if you still face any kind of issue, you can reach out to AT&T customer service and they will help you out right away.

What else can you get with DIRECTV?

Other than the FOX network, DIRECTV has a lot in its bucket to offer to its customers. There are four different packages offered by DIRECTV and every package comes with a different channel lineup. It's totally up to your needs to choose whichever package you like. You can also bundle AT&T internet with the DirecTV plans and enjoying a discount on both services.

However, before you sign up for a DIRECTV plan, make sure that you know what you are looking for in a TV package as you might get confused while shopping around. The first thing to think about is the channel lineup that you want. Do you want a plan that comes with just the basic local channels? Or do you also want some premium channels? It’s all up to you!

If you are worried about the AT&T channel lineup, you can check out the DIRECTV channel guide and find out which package suits you the best.

The following are the packages offered by DIRECTV:

  • ENTERTAINMENT All Included
  • CHOICE All Included
  • ULTIMATE All Included
  • PREMIER All Included


With DIRECTV Entertainment, you will be getting family favorite channels like ABC along with some sports channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and many more. This package is the most economical package offered by DIRECTV. You will be getting 160 channels in this package, for which DIRECTV charges $64.99 per month.

CHOICE All Included

With DIRECTV Choice, you will be getting 185 channels that will include channels like FX, IFC, Fuse along with the basic channels and other perks like a season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET and FREE premium channels including Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® for the first three months. DIRECTV charges $69.99 per month for this package.

ULTIMATE All Included

Channels like STARZ ENCORE, FLIX, and Boomerang would be included in this package. Not just these channels, you will be getting around 250 channels in this package and access to HBO Max™ for the first year. You will get pretty much all genres of channels that include entertainment, cartoons, news, sports, and movies. For this package, DIRECTV charges $84.99 per month.

PREMIER All Included

This package is considered the best package offered by DIRECTV to its customers. You will be getting around 330 channels, which means you can never run out of good content to watch. On top of this, you will get NFL SUNDAY TICKET, NBA League Pass, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, HBO Max™, STARZ®, EPIX® and whatnot in this package. With the DirecTV Premier plan, you will never leave your couch. DIRECTV charges $134.99 per month for this package.

AT&T not only excels at offering outstanding satellite TV services but also provides AT&T TV for the creed of customers who swear by streaming and streaming only. Users can stream multiple channels through this streaming service and watch traditional television on their time and the place of their choice.