Before the digital revolution took place, cable TV was the ultimate source of entertainment for the kids. They used to binge-watch all-time popular shows on TV and often went out to play instead of staying in the home inside forever. Channels like Cartoon Network and Disney were household names and enjoyed a massive audience nationwide. Today, technology has become more and more accessible. Kids today have unlimited means of entertainment. WOW! offers many channels for the kids such as the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Animal Planted, National Geographic, and Nick.

The Disney channel was founded in 1983 and presently it broadcasts nationally. It started off its marketing campaign that initially targeted families and then the focus shifted towards young children, targeting the age group of 6-14 years old. It has a sister channel Disney junior that focuses on children below the age of 6. It provides its viewers with many other services, including Disney Channel HD, Disney channel on demand, Disney now, and Disney family movies.

Disney XD launched on 14th February 2011 started with young boys as their main focus and then eventually involved the girls too. It carries all the exclusive action and comedy from Disney, along with some of the popular off-network syndicated TV shows and some amazing original programming. Like its everlasting predecessor Toon Disney, Disney XD operates on advertisements as a major source of income.

WOW! offers customized channel lineups for all the household needs. You can watch all the popular channels belonging to different genres.

What channel is Disney on WOW?

WOW! cable has three different plans: Small cable, Medium Cable, and Large Cable. All plans vary in the number of channels offered. The large cable is the most premium plan with over 260 channels in the lineup. The Medium cable is the next plan with 130+ channels in the lineup.

Let’s see what channel is Disney on WOW:

City, State Channel Number
Detroit, Michigan 26
Auburn, Alabama 121 & 721 HD
Panama City, Florida 64 & 961
Augusta, Georgia 22 & 961
Chicago, Illinois 44 & 255
Cleveland, Ohio 47 & 255

Exciting shows are on the Disney channel.

Out of all the exciting shows on the Disney channel, we came up with some of the most amazing shows your kids can watch on Disney Channel with WOW! cable. Here is a list of all the popular shows:

The Mandalorian

Created by John Favreau is the first live-action Star Wars series. The cast includes Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, and Gina Caranna. In this Pedro Pascal starts as a bounty hunter who travels through the Star Wars universes brushing up against ex-imperial warlords and many other competitors while constantly protecting a gorgeous piece of precious cargo.

Diary of a future president

It revolves around a 12-year-old middle school American girl who has high aims and dreams of becoming the future president of the United States of America. The show does an excellent job and has heart-capturing writing, bringing the second season of the show to meet the audience's demands.

Learn to draw

This show particularly draws the conscious and polishes the skills of the kids by engaging them in artwork and makes them learn in a chronological order that how to draw characters and different things including the famous Elsa, Anna princess and mickey mouse characters and everything a kid wants to learn.


It is a 2011 series it is about a young girl who gives up on living with his strict father because she was fed up with the stupid rules and regulations and conservative mindset so she leaves her hometown in Texas based on military and moves to New York City and lives a luxurious life.


WOW! services can be bundled to avail of some amazing discounts on the internet, cable, and phone. These bundles are customized to meet the needs of the everyday household. The high-speed internet offered with WOW! gets you seamless connectivity throughout. You can stream all your favorite movies and TV shows in HD.