Spectrum TV Plans That Offer Spectrum

Considering the size and fan following of certain mainstream channels, Cable TV service providers would find it near impossible to snub or overlook on them. The main reason for this is that any loyal consumer or regular viewer of one specific channel would hate to shift to some other channel. This is exactly the piece of information that Spectrum Cable TV knows and hence include the CW channel in their channel list.

To be fair, how can you expect to be a top or leading cable TV service provider if you don’t give the people what they want. So Spectrum Cable TV offers the CW channel in all of its plans and bundles. The information given below mentions all the cable TV plans that are on offer from the service provider, along with prices of each respecting plan. The cable TV plans are: Spectrum TV Select, Spectrum TV Gold, Spectrum TV Silver. To check out more information on the cable TV provider, simply just check out Spectrum Customer Service.

What Channel Number Is CW On Spectrum?

Just stating some hard facts here, the moment you get a cable connection established and running in your household, we guarantee that you will be browsing the channel list, looking for something that would entice your love for cinema, TV shows, news, sports or even on demand content, whatever tots your horn.

Now since we already know the urgency that a brand new Spectrum Cable TV consumer might be feeling, searching for brand new stuff to watch on Spectrum Cable TV, you would be looking hard for the right channel, right? Well, let us help you with that as well. The CW Channel which you get complete access to once you subscribe to Spectrum Cable TV offers one of the best content in the business. Shows like The 100 and Super Girl will definitely keep you hooked to your seat for a long time.

Getting a fix on what channel you want to watch is one thing, whereas, getting a fix on the channel number on which the show broadcasts is where the real troubles start. It can be a very infuriating experience, trying to find the right channel number but alas, our amazing team of researchers compiled for you, a state and city wise compilation of channel numbers on which Spectrum TV has the CW Channel placed.

State Or City The CW Channel Number
Albertville, AL 11 / 706
Bakersfield, CA 12
Austin, TX 12
Baton Rouge, LA 3 / 703
Athens, GA 9 / 709
Belleville, IL 11 / 711
Avon, IN 3 / 1003
Albany, MN 23 / 783
Alexandria, KY 25 / 117
Allendale, MI 7 / 781
Auburn, ME 12
Baker City, OR 9 / 790
Carson City, NV 12 / 695
Bristol, VA 4 / 704
Clarksburg, WV 3
Crisfield, MD 13 / 713
Cheyenne, WY 2 /512
Charlotte, NC 11
Concord, VT 11 / 711
Cincinnati, OH 20 / 1024
Cleveland, OH 6 / 1006
Dallas, TX 9
Harvard, MA 9 / 789
Dayton, OH 13
Hayden, ID 22
El Paso, TX 13
Great Falls, MT 12 / 512
Grand Junction, CO 13 / 511
Greenville, SC 9 / 709
Jacksonville, NC 1212
New York City, NY 11
Knoxville, TN 12 / 712
Los Angeles, CA 5 / 1212, 5 / 705
Kansas City, KS 7
Lincoln, NE 15 / 1212
Lincoln, NH 1245
Orlando, FL 8 / 1080
Staten Island, NY 11
Picayune, MS 3 / 703
Sheboygan, WI 18 / 618
Ridgefield Park, NJ 11
San Antonio, TX 7
Reno, NV 12 / 695
Saint Louis, MO 11 / 711
Rochester, NY 16 / 1212
Tampa, FL 4 / 1004
Yuma, AZ 6
Wapato, WA 9 / 709
Winsted, CT 20 / 780
Waterford, PA 3

The Final Word

CW as a network has a little bit on offer for all types of its viewers. Those individuals or couples that enjoy a bit of magic in their lives and similarly would like their shows to have the same aspect could just as easily indulge themselves in a show called “Charmed”. For those individuals or families that like to sit together and spend quality family time with each other watching top quality mystery shows, you have a show called “Nancy Drew” to bring excitement in to your lives.

Moving on, we know that we have already told you of all the benefits that you will get with CW but the one thing that would really entice you is the Spectrum On Demand Library. The library consists of some amazing content from almost all recent eras and is surely a gold mine for TV buffs.