C-SPAN (Abbreviation of Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is broadcasted across America via cable and Satellite television channels. The channel was created 42 years ago as a non-profit model of Public Service. C-SPAN and its sister channels are successfully available to over 100 million households across the US. One of the key features of the C-SPAN Network is the fact that all the political events covered by the channel are un-edited thus offering an unbiased outlook of all the political proceedings. The Network is completely private and neither Congress nor the Cable Industry have any control over the content that goes live.

Some of the most famous shows by the C-SPAN channel include:

Top C-SPAN TV Programs
C-SPAN C-SPAN is dedicated to cover floor proceedings of the House of Representatives along with political programming such as Washington Journal.
C-SPAN2 C-SPAN2 largely covers the floor proceedings of the Senate along with Politics and Public Policy Today on weeknights.
C-SPAN3 C-SPAN3 covers historical content and congressional hearings mostly.

C-SPAN on Spectrum:

From Bakersfield, FL to Albany, NY, the C-SPAN channel is the American unfiltered political updates hub and more for you to stay updated with just what you need to know. Spectrum cable offers C-SPAN in two of its cable packages so you don’t have to go broke wanting to watch your favorite TV channel. Starting from Spectrum Select Package with 216 channels, at $44.99/mo, to Spectrum Silver Package with 235 channels at $69.99/mo. to as many as 340 channels by Spectrum Gold Packages beginning at $89.99/mo. Spectrum’s affordable packages and consistent pricing across the US make it super convenient for you to subscribe to it anywhere you want without any price hikes.

C-SPAN Channel Numbers on Spectrum

The channel numbers on Spectrum cable vary from region to region, so if you have moved from one city to another, you might have to go through the process of looking for your favorite channel numbers all over again. To ease the process, we have listed down some channels numbers from prominent regions, in case yours isn’t listed below, you can conveniently type your state, city, and zip code details here and you will be redirected to a page listing all the channel numbers in your area.

Clarksville, Tennessee 19/798 85/799 98/800
Beverly Hills, California 33 34 227
Hawthorne, Nevada 20/762 197/760 196/761
Madison, Wisconsin 12/740 76/742 88/743
Monroe, Michigan 42/715 67/719 66/720
Roseburg, Oregon 17/772 93/773 16/774
El Paso, Texas 70 37 79/227
Indianapolis, Indiana 2 19 325
Great Falls, Montana 18/617 19/618 15/619
Tampa Bay, Florida 14 176 177
Athens, Georgia 95/755 96/756 97/757
Colville, Washington 15/772 16/773 17/774
Lincoln, Nebraska 19 78 227
Perryville, Missouri 16/794 795/997 796/996
Montgomery, Alabama 98/763 85/764 99/765
Brooklyn, New York 70 226 227
Cincinnati, Ohio 58 360 361
Centralia, Illinois 16/794 795/997 796/996
Austin, Minnesota 84/722 85/723 86/724
Cheyenne, Wyoming 14/617 21/618 71/619
Yuma, Arizona 47 48 227
Burlington, North Carolina 39 226 227

Frequently Asked Questions about C-SPAN on Spectrum

Still, have some questions on your mind? Here’s more:

Does YouTube have C-Span?

While YouTube TV is a remarkable service but unfortunately it does not carry C-SPAN or C-SPAN2 and C-SPAN3 as of yet. On the other hand, C-SPAN maintains its flagship channel on YouTube where it has quite a presence and engagement.

What does C-SPAN stand for?

C-SPAN stands for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network created 42 years ago with the idea of offering unadulterated political content with absolutely no profits at all.