Crime and drama go hand in hand. If you are a fan of crime shows based on reality, Court TV is a must-have channel. The channel airs all the compelling trials in America providing expert analysis on each trial. Luckily, you can get Court TV with Spectrum cable’s Select, Silver, and Gold plans.

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A brief history of Court TV

Journalist and lawyer Steven Brill originally launched Court TV in 1991. The idea behind the creation of this channel was simple. Everyone is interested in true crime. It is a natural drama. There is a great fascination in stories revolving around a murder/crime mystery. People want to know the beginning, middle, and climax. Back in the past, the public was unaware of the proceedings of famous trials. They would only know the result after the judge and jury gave their decision.

To eliminate this problem, the city council came up with the idea of continuous live coverage of different trials in their entirety. These trials will have a running expert analysis. New York State was the first one to experiment with television cameras in courtrooms. Normally, the judges would decide case-by-case whether they want to make it open for the public.

Initially, they permitted only one camera. The video footage was shared among the channels. Later on, they argued that the cameras have no intervention in courtroom proceedings; therefore, every channel should have a right to use their camera. As a result, a separate channel came into existence known as the Court TV. Despite being new in the business, the channel was well aware of the consequences, parties involved in the trial might face in this public trial. Therefore, the channel made sure that the anonymity of the parties was never compromised. To ensure this anonymity, the identity was blotted.

The channel did air a live broadcast of the O.J Simpson murder trial. As the network grew, it acquired many prime time programs such as Forensic Files. Therefore, the channel decided to change things around. The programming was split into two. During the day, the channel aired trials whereas reality TV series featuring crime took the primetime spot.

What channel is Court TV on Spectrum?

If you are a Spectrum customer, you can gain access to Court TV to enjoy loads of entertainment shows. You may find the details about Court TV by following this URL:



In 2016, The People vs O.J Simpson was aired for the first time and the show managed to win several Primetime Emmy Awards. The infamous trial of O.J Simpson stands quite relevant even today and it is going to be the same as long as the Kardashians are relevant. Hence, the Court TV launched a special show to highlight the events of the court case.

The show takes place in chronological order. We all know what the outcome of the case was, but no one knows what lead the court to make that decision. You will find answers to all these questions by watching OJ25.

Corrupt Crimes

Corrupt Crimes is a documentary series that investigates crime stories in depth. The series gives you expert analysis on top of dramatic storytelling. The genres are diverse and include espionage, murder, sports, government corruption, treason, and conspiracies.

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