While the streaming platforms have been a challenge for traditional cable and satellite, the consumers get the most benefit in terms of entertainment and value-for-money. The rise of streaming services and their growing audience is a testament to the fact that traditional cable or satellite service is insufficient for consumers. They need choice and the ability to navigate between the TV shows without having to worry about the time. The satellite and cable TV providers have solved this issue by providing on-demand and premium channels along with the traditional service. The on-demand library is equipped with tons of channels to choose from and you can get the best of both worlds. The premium channels function just like the streaming services. You can watch TV shows on the go without the annoying TV ads.

Comedy Central is one of the most popular channels on cable and satellite. The channel is owned by ViacomCBS. The network’s Entertainment & Youth Group Unit manages it. Comedy Central started in 1991 and since then, it has been a renowned channel for non-stop comedy and entertainment. Just in 2018, it was available to more than 86 million American households.

Comedy Central does not operate in the U.S. alone as the channel has expanded its viewership on a global scale since the early 2000s. The localized version of the channel is available in Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. There are tons of exciting shows on Comedy Central. One of them being The Daily Show. It is arguably the greatest comedy show ever, all thanks to the commendable efforts of Jon Stewart. Craig Kilborn originally started the show. Trevor Noah is the most recent addition to the Daily Show family. The show centers around funny commentary on American politics, Hollywood, and the world. Workaholics is another great show to binge-watch. It revolves around three college graduates as they try to get through the everyday struggles of adult life. Watch the amazing journey of Anders, Adam, and Blake as they try to make their way in life as telemarketers but always find reasons to skip work.

How to get Comedy Central on DIRECTV?

You can get Comedy Central on DIRECTV, which is a top-notch satellite provider. It has diverse channel lineups and offers all the popular local and premium TV channels in an affordable price range. BET is available with your DIRECTV subscription. Before figuring out what channel is BET DIRECTV, let’s talk about the provider.

Satellite TV is a common source of entertainment for the American people and DIRECTV is one of the top providers in that category. You can enjoy unlimited entertainment and action. The service is currently available to more than 18.4 million people. There are amazing features and the lineups are tailored to meet your household’s needs. Some of the prominent features include:

  • Extensive channel lineups for your household
  • Exceptional DVR service with good storage
  • Ability to stream Live TV on smart devices

These amazing features make DIRECTV an ideal candidate for the TV service at your home. This isn’t it. You can couple DIRECTV with a high-speed internet service as well. Bundling two services at once can help you save a lot on your monthly bill. CenturyLink Internet is now available with the DIRECTV service. The ultra-fast speeds are ideal for any home with basic to high-end internet usage. CenturyLink offers both DSL and fiber internet service. On top, you get the promise of seamless connectivity, thanks to CenturyLink Customer Service. You can get everything sorted out real quick. Just dial the number and a representative will guide you thoroughly.

DIRECTV Plan Monthly Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT™ $64.99 Call to Order
CHOICE™ $69.99 Call to Order
XTRA™ $79.99 Call to Order
ULTIMATE™ $84.99 Call to Order
PREMIER™ $134.99 Call to Order

What channel is Comedy Central for DIRECTV?

As we already know that Comedy Central is one of the most popular channels on American television. There are tons of exciting shows on Comedy Central. Wondering what channel on DIRECTV is Comedy Central? Let’s find out:

Channel Channel Number
Comedy Central Channel 249 (East; HD) Channel 249-1 (West; HD)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the channel for Comedy Central on DIRECTV?

You can watch Comedy Central on channel 249.

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