Weekends get boring when you don’t have a scrumptious diet of top-rated movies, comedy sitcoms, fascinating TV shows, and some hot caramel popcorns that add extra flavor to the weekend entertainment plan.

Wondering what’s “America’s most favorite network” that offers you the best entertainment? It’s the CBS channel, which is one of the most-watched channels in the United States.

CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) is an American commercial broadcast channel and is considered one of the three big television networks, accompanying NBC and ABC. CBS is owned by ViacomCBS. You might also know CBS as the “Eye Network” or the “Tiffany Network”. This huge television network has over 240 owned and affiliated stations throughout America and was ranked 197th on the 2018 Fortune 500 of the largest American corporations by revenue.

You will get tons of entertainment content, as CBS is home to an array of programming including drama, crime, action, comedy, and more. The best part about CBS is that it always comes up with something new.

If you have the availability of Cox services in your area, then consider yourself lucky, as you will get many entertainment channels along with CBS in your channel lineup. You will have access to free HD programming, best on-demand content, sports, and movies tiers, and premium 4K content.

In this post, we will primarily focus on what channel is CBS on Cox cable in different cities. However, we will also cover the programming details of CBS and enlighten you about the benefits you get with Cox services.

What Channel is CBS on Cox TV?

The CBS channel number usually varies from city to city. The citywide chart below will help you find out what channel is CBS on Cox and those who are not able to find their city in the chart can check the Cox channel lineup guide. Go to https://www.cox.com/residential/tv/channel-lineup.html and all you need to do is to put in your zip code or specify your city and state, and all the channel details will pop on your screen.

We understand how frustrating the whole process is to fumble around the user manuals to find out a specific channel. Those who are worried that they might miss their favorite show today as well because they don’t know what channel is CBS on Cox Communications, don’t fret! We will make sure that you never miss anything on CBS.

City/StateChannel Number

Phoenix, Arizona


San Diego, California


Fort Smith, Arkansas


East Hartford, Connecticut


New Orleans, Louisiana


Omaha, Nebraska


Las Vegas, Nevada


Holland, Massachusetts


Cleveland, Ohio


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Knotts Island, North Carolina


East Providence, Rhode Island


Virginia Beach, Virginia


Bellevue, Idaho


Centerville, Georgia


Carter Lake, Iowa


Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Wichita, Kansas


How to Get CBS on Cox?

Before we move forward to how you can get CBS on Cox, let’s get to know a little about what Cox has in its bucket for its customers.

Cox is one of the largest cable companies in the United States with availability in over 18 states and a massive subscriber base. Millions of people are getting services from Cox because the service provider ensures that their subscribers get the most reliable and pocket-friendly services which are ingeniously crafted to fit an average user’s needs. Cox offers internet, cable TV, voice, and home security to their customers. You can bundle Cox Cable TV with Cox Internet and Voice and can get amazing discounts on all the services you get in a bundle.

With the cable TV services offered by Cox Communications, you enjoy the ultimate entertainment in your channel lineup with multiple other benefits.

  • Order lots of On-Demand content, along with 4K programming and Live TV streaming on any smart device.
  • Add channel packs and premium networks for sports, movies, international, and exclusive content that you might not get with other service providers.
  • Receive special HD TV boxes and DVR service.
  • With the Contour TV app, experience on-the-go entertainment.
  • Get Voice Remote with all Cox TV plans.
  • Enjoy amazing discounts on Cox bundles.

Thus, you get never-ending benefits with Cox services. Another good news for you is that CBS is included in all the TV plans. No matter which plans you sign up for, you will get the CBS network. All you need to do is get a subscription to Cox cable TV service.

Package NameNumber of ChannelsCBSPricing

Contour TV Starter


Click Here

Contour TV Preferred


Click Here

Contour TV Ultimate


Click Here

To get more information on plans, call 1-855-814-6044. The customer support specialist will make sure that you get the answers to all your questions.

Are You Up To Stream Your CBS Favorites?

The reason why CBS is so popular among cable TV viewers is that it offers amazing comedy sitcoms, crime series, docuseries, reality TV shows, podcasts, top-rated movies, and whatnot. You can explore the popular genres on CBS with Cox. Here’s a sneak peek into the shows to tune into:

Reality ShowsDramasTalk & News ShowsComedies

Tough As Nails


48 Hours

B Positive

The Amazing Race


CBS Mornings

Young Sheldon

Undercover Boss

Blue Bloods

CBS Sunday Morning

Bob Hearts Abishola

Big Brother


The Late Show with James Corden


Love Island

Magnum P.I.

CBS Evening News

How We Roll

House Calls with Dr. Phil

The Equalizer

60 Minutes

United States of All

Undercover Boss


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Unicorn

For the Love of Sports

No other network cares about its viewers as much as CBS does. It anticipates the needs of the viewers and delivers them what they want before they even ask for it. CBS always goes the extra mile.

Those who are into sports and want to watch the latest game events don’t need to worry. CBS offers a secondary channel solely for sports fans in the United States: CBS Sports Network.

What Channel is CBS Sports Network on Cox?

Whether you are a football fan who’s into NFL games or a basketball lover who cannot miss NCAA March Madness, CBS offers it all. The channel doesn’t just air international gaming events, but it also airs college games. Those who are unable to find what channel is CBS Sports on Cox can just simply visit the Cox channel lineup guide or check the city chart below and see if they can find their city.

City/StateChannel Number

Phoenix, Arizona


San Diego, California


Fort Smith, Arkansas

133, 2133

Virginia Beach, Virginia

216, 1216

Bellevue, Idaho

234, 1234

Centerville, Georgia

328, 1328

Las Vegas, Nevada


Which Cox Cable TV Plans Offer CBS Sports Network?

CBS comes with all the cable TV plans offered by Cox but CBS Sports Network is included in only one plan.

Package NameNumber of ChannelsCBS Sports NetworkPricing

Contour TV Ultimate


Click Here

You will get 250+ channels along with the best local and premium content with Contour TV Ultimate. Call 1-855-814-6044 to know what else you will be getting with this plan.

Summing it up

CBS is, without any doubt, one of the best networks in the United States, which has captivated its audience for years. Thanks to its enticing mix of entertainment. You will never get bored if you are watching CBS. To make sure that you never miss any sports event, subscribe to Contour TV Ultimate or get a Cox Sports Pack add-on. Cox gives its customers plenty of choices to customize a plan as per the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cox channel is CBSSN?

CBSSN is a Sports Network that comes under CBS. To get CBS Sports Network, you need to get a subscription to Contour TV Ultimate.

Does Cox have CBS Sports Network?

Yes! You can get CBS Sports Network with Contour TV Ultimate or by getting a Cox Sports Pack add-on.

Can I watch CBS online with Cox?

With Cox TV Online, you can get access to Live TV. All you need is a Cox TV subscription, a smart device, and a reliable internet connection and you can enjoy your favorite show on CBS anywhere, anytime.

How to watch CBS All Access on Cox Cable?

Cox has not licensed CBS All Access content.

What channel is CBS on Cox Lafayette, LA?

You will find CBS on channel number 11 on Cox in Lafayette, LA.

What channel is CBS on Cox in OKC?

You will find CBS on channel number 10 on Cox cable in OKC, Oklahoma.

What channel is CBS on Cox Baton Rouge?

You will find CBS on channel number 7 on Cox cable in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What channel is CBS on Cox Cable San Diego?

You will find CBS on channel number 8 on Cox cable in San Diego, California.

What channel is the CBS Sports Network on Cox?

The channel number varies from city to city. Visit https://www.cox.com/residential/tv/channel-lineup.html to find out the channel number in your area.

What channel is CBS Sports on Cox Phoenix?

You will find CBS on channel number 5 on Cox in Phoenix, Arizona.