Television is often looked at as a source of entertainment. Although, it is not limited to that purpose. Your TV is also a primary means of information. It shows you what happens around the world and in your neighborhood. It educates you and enhances your expertise. You just need to have an idea about which channels to tune on your TV at what time. One such channel that relays unmoderated information and opens a window into the heart of U.S. politics is C-SPAN, which you can easily watch on DirecTV along with other networks. This post will tell you how to get C-SPAN on your satellite TV as well as what channel is C-SPAN on DirecTV. So, hang tight and read on.

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What is C-SPAN?

C-SPAN stands for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network and just like its name suggests, this television network televises political proceedings of the United States government, broadcasting the floor debates around the clock in addition to international political discourses, major events, and policy formations, etc. The best feature of this television channel is that it covers public affairs exactly as they are, without altering content in a biased way. So, all those people who are interested in how the U.S. government runs things, tackle problems and issues policies, can delve into the heated political atmosphere by watching the C-SPAN DirecTV channel.

Coming to programming, C-SPAN airs uninterrupted live coverage of the U.S. House of Representatives, allowing viewers to track legislation, hear important debates, and see recordings of bygone events. Other than this, the network covers congressional hearings, presidential speeches, Pentagon and FCC press conferences, political campaigns of Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans, White House press briefings, public policy seminars, Supreme Court justices’ speaking engagements, significant Court cases, NASA video footage, and other public affairs. Besides this, you can watch flagship series like Washington Journal, Politics and Public Policy Today, America and the Courts, Newsmakers, Q&A, and The Communicators, etc. C-SPAN also has special programming in store for you, which includes The Capitol, The White House, First Ladies: Influence & Image, Inside Blair House, and The Supreme Court.

How to Get C-SPAN on DirecTV?

You must have heard of DirecTV, whether you live in urban or rural America. It is a top-of-the-line satellite TV service, which is handed out by AT&T. Satellite TV is a type of television delivery system, which leverages communications satellites orbiting in outer space to relay television content. It has been around for a long time now. Though satellite might bring spotty reception and jittery video to your mind, but rest assured that DirecTV only delivers high-definition programming to your home. In addition to hundreds of channels, it offers live TV, limited 4K HDR, international language content, DVR with over 200 hours of storage, free SHOWTIME®, STARZ® & EPIX® for three months, the DirecTV app and easy bundling options with AT&T internet or phone to name a few perks.

The best news is that C-SPAN is included in all four DirecTV packages no matter which one you pick for your entertainment needs. Here is an illustrative table:

DirecTV Package Channel Count C-SPAN Availability Monthly Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT™ 160+ $64.99 Call to Order
CHOICE™ 185+ $69.99 Call to Order
ULTIMATE™ 250+ $84.99 Call to Order
PREMIER™ 330+ $134.99 Call to Order

How can you get C-SPAN on DirecTV, then? Simple. Pick a DirecTV package and call 1-866-996-2797 to subscribe right away!

What Channel is C-SPAN on DirecTV?

DirecTV Channel Channel Number
C-SPAN 350

Watch the C-SPAN Channel on DirecTV Today!

If you love to see some real-life political action, then there is no better channel than C-SPAN to satisfy your craving for top-notch House of Representative debates, press conferences, significant events, and interviews of noteworthy policymakers. Sign up for DirecTV today and watch C-SPAN in high-definition on your television.

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