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In this article, we are going to find out which channel number is ABC on CenturyLink. We will enlist ABC, ABC (HD), ABC Family, with their channel numbers in each state/city to help you find it quickly. More details on CenturyLink packages and TV bundles that include the ABC network on their panel in further read.

ABC is an American commercial multinational broadcast TV network that stands for American Broadcasting Company. It is a flagship network of Walt Disney Television property and another division of Disney General Entertainment Content. This network of The Walt Disney Company is headquartered in Burbank, CA.

ABC is the fifth-oldest and major broadcasting company in the world and the earliest of the Big Three American TV networks. Nicknamed as "The Alphabet Network", since its initials also in order denotes the primary three letters of the English letters.

Today, ABC owns and operates eight and more than 232 affiliated TV stations all through the US and most of its states. A couple of ABC-affiliated stations could also be watched in Canada via Pay-TV providers, and some particular affiliates could also be watched over-the-air in regions near the United States-Canada border.

Popular Channels of ABC Network

ABC’s most popular channels that you can find any fan talking about are:

List of ABC channels
ABC Family
ABC Family HD

What channel number is ABC on CenturyLink?

Here, you can find the ABC channel numbers on CenturyLink in the table below:

State/City Channel Name Channel #
Florida ABC (WFTV) 9
  ABC HD (WFTVDT) 1009
North Carolina ABC (WTVD) 11
  ABC HD (WTVDDT) 1011
Colorado Springs ABC (KRDO) 13
  ABC HD (KRDODT) 1013
Columbia/Jefferson City ABC (KMIZ) 10
  ABC HD (KMIZDT) 1010
Council Bluffs ABC (KETV) 7
  ABC HD (KETVDT) 1007
Denver ABC (KMGH) 7
  ABC HD (KMGHDT) 1007
Fort Myers ABC (WZVN) 7
  ABC HD (WZVNDT) 1007
La Crosse ABC TVE n/a
Omaha ABC (KETV) 7
  ABC HD (KETVDT) 1007
  ABC TVE n/a
Phoenix ABC (KNXV) 15
  ABC HD (KNXVDT) 1015
  ABC TVE n/a
Platteville ABC (KCRG) 9
  ABC HD (KCRGDT) 1009
  ABC TVE n/a
Seattle  ABC (KOMO) 4
  ABC HD (KOMODT) 1004
  ABC TVE n/a
Tallahassee ABC (WTXL) 7
  ABC HD (WTXLDT) 1007
  ABC TVE n/a

Frequently Asked Questions: ABC on CenturyLink

What Channel Number Is ABC on CenturyLink?

You can watch ABC on CenturyLink on channel number 1013.

What Is the Channel Number for ABC Family on CenturyLink?

You can watch ABC Family on CenturyLink on channel number 179.

What Number Channel Is ABC Family HD on CenturyLink?

You can watch ABC Family HD on CenturyLink on channel number 1178.

ABC Is What Channel on CenturyLink?

ABC channels can be watched on channel number 13, and 1013 if you want to watch ABC HD.

What Channel Is 6ABC?

You can watch 6Abc on 6abc.com.