Dreams, imagination, and fantasy offer the perfect escape, for sure. But, sometimes, you need a shot of reality to bring you back into the world. A channel that delivers this sort of programming is much needed on your lineup, don’t you think? Well, A&E is that kind of channel. Owned and operated by the A&E Networks company, this pay-tv channel was once called the Arts & Entertainment Network, initially broadcasting shows centered on fine arts and drama. Later, it was rebranded to A&E and shifted its focus to non-fiction, true crime, reality docu-soaps, and miniseries, etc. So, if you are tired of make-belief and wish to dive into real-life accounts, then A&E is the ideal channel for you. And the good news is that you can get it easily with an AT&T DirecTV subscription.

DirecTV is one of the best satellite TV providers in the country, known for delivering high-quality television feed to its customers’ homes. In addition to hundreds of channels, it also serves Live TV, on-demand, and premium networks for free (limited time), depending on the package you choose. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about its availability. DirecTV equally covers both the urban and rural-scapes of the country. Now that it includes A&E in its wild assortment of channels, what more can you want? Coming back to the main question, this post will show you the exact A&E DirecTV channel number, the easiest way to subscribe to it, and the most amazing shows to enjoy in your leisure time. Stick with us to slide into the world of non-fiction, hassle-free, of course.

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How to Get the A&E Channel on DirecTV?

Before we move on to discover what channel is A&E on DirecTV TV, let’s stop by and learn a bit about the nation’s #1 satellite TV provider, shall we? DirecTV, as its name indicates, is a direct broadcast TV provider that utilizes a state-of-the-art satellite system to beam television programming wirelessly all over the US. It is a subsidiary of AT&T. Meaning, you can subscribe to the service over AT&T’s expansive network. Since it is a satellite service, DirecTV is not only low-maintenance but also radically available to people who live in geographical tough terrains and who can’t easily install cable. It is an inexpensive option for low-income households, as well.

DirecTV offers four main packages to its subscribers. The entry-level tier is called ENTERTAINMENT™ and provides 160+ Live TV channels such as ESPN, NBCSN, and ESPN2, which perfectly corresponds to the daily needs of sports-lovers. On the other hand, the highest-level tier is called PREMIER™ and is a complete package in itself, consisting of local, regional, national, and international networks, along with a healthy dose of premiums, such as Cinemax®, HBO Max™, STARZ®, and SHOWTIME®. The pricing of DirecTV packages is designed while keeping the budget levels of an average consumer in mind. This is why three of its plans come under $100 per month, which says much about its affordability. Not only that, DirecTV insists that you sign its 24-month contract before subscribing, to save you from the unpredictable price hikes and market crashes. Once you subscribe to a DirecTV plan, you get:

  • On-the-go channel access with the free DirecTV app
  • Total entertainment control with the advanced Genie® HD DVR
  • Special Spanish programming with Óptimo Más™
  • One year of HBO Max™ and 3 months of premiums free with CHOICE™ package and above tiers
  • $240 worth of saving when you bundle DirecTV with the internet!

That’s not it. As mentioned above, DirecTV also unlocks 65,000+ On Demand titles, the 2021 season of NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass. What’s more, you can watch A&E on DirecTV, no matter which package you pick for your home. Yes, A&E is included in every DirecTV tier, as shown in the table below.

DirecTV Package Channel Count A&E Availability Monthly Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT™ 160+   $64.99 Call to Order
CHOICE™ 185+   $69.99 Call to Order
ULTIMATE™ 250+   $84.99 Call to Order
PREMIER™ 330+   $134.99 Call to Order

So, how can you get A&E on DirecTV today? Easy. Dial 1-866-996-2797 on your phone and state your purpose for calling the DirecTV representative. If you’re not comfortable on the phone, you can also reach out to AT&T customer service via the live chat option that’s available on the bottom right of the page here.

Once the conversation kicks up, you can inquire about your chosen DirecTV package and the availability of possible promotions in your area. Promotions will give you discounts and help you save up even more. Keep important information such as your zip code, your exact home address, your social security number, your banking details, and your phone number nearby. These are essential for the signup process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about A&E’s programming on your selected DirecTV channel lineup. Confirm the subscription, read the terms and conditions, clear the contract and start watching A&E right away!

What Channel is A&E on DirecTV?

Suppose you’ve been waiting all week for the episode of Court Cam on A&E, and you finally turn on your TV in utmost anticipation. But, you seem to have forgotten the exact channel number of A&E! Given 330 or so channels on your lineup, you simply can’t switch through them all if you plan to catch the crucial start of the episode. Nor do you have the time to look up the channel information online. What can you do? Take a quick look at this guide, that’s what! We’ve listed the exact A&E channel number on DirecTV below, so you can note it easily and keep it near your television system the next time your episode is about to air. Here’s the channel number you’ve been searching for:

DirecTV Channel Channel Number
A&E 265

Watch A&E DirecTV Channel Today!

A&E has great programming in store for you. It consists of reality series like Intervention, Psychic Kids, Grace vs. Abrams, Nightwatch Nation, Ghost Hunters, and Nature Gone Wild, plus several docuseries, such as The Day I Picked My Parents, Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole, and The Employable. There are also talk shows like The Way Home, Black and White, and Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien, along with syndicated series such as Criminal Minds, Killer Cases, and Most Daring. But, the most popular shows on A&E are:

60 Days In

What’s the view from behind the bars? Nobody wants to know that. Yet, in this docuseries, certain law-abiding citizens of Pinal County, Arizona, willingly choose to participate in a program called, “60 Days In”, whereby they spend two-months in jail undercover to expose its real problems. Get ready to face gang wars, drug infestation, and overall facility corruption from the eyes of people just like you and me with 60 Days In on A&E.


Follow a team of experts as they jump from one home to the next and tackle some of the hardest hoarders in all of America. The show offers an insight into the mindset of those that hoard endlessly, how willing they are to change their lifestyle, and what is the aftermath of the un-hoarding process. Hoarders is an Emmy-nominated television series, which has even won a Critics Choice Award. Make sure to watch its upcoming season on A&E.

I Survived a Crime

Gio Benitez takes you on a journey into the graphic experiences of people who’ve faced the most gruesome crimes in their lives, how they encountered the attackers and what happened to them afterward. It adds authenticity to the stories via real-time footage or surveillance that captured the whole scene. The show explores the depth of human instincts, the ability to make quick decisions, and the lengths to which a person can go to protect their loved ones. Watch I Survived a Crime every Wednesday on A&E.

Biography Presents

Interested in journalism? Well then, you better add Biography to your must-watch list and you’ll come to love it! This documentary-style television series is A&E’s flagship program. It centers on the lives of several subjects, usually people belonging to notable positions in society, and depicts their personal stories via narration, stock footage, on-camera interviews, and photographs. Each episode brings something new, so be sure to tune into it at the right time.

The First 48

See clever detectives run on the clock to find a lead to their homicide cases, interrogate witnesses, inspect the high-crime areas, and process forensic evidence to identify suspects. They must apprehend the killers soon or else they won’t be able to bring justice to the victims. The catch? They only have 48 hours! Experience the adrenaline rush, root for your protagonists, and go behind the scenes of real-life investigations every Thursday on A&E.

In addition to TV shows, you can watch movies and miniseries, which are produced by the A&E Network, including:

  • Jane Eyre (1997)
  • The Ebb-Tide (1998)
  • Vanity Fair (1998)
  • The Lady in Question (1999)
  • Pride and Prejudice (1995)
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel (1999)
  • Napoléon (2002)
  • Lorna Doone (2000)
  • The Mayor of Casterbridge (2003)
  • My Kid Could Paint That (2007)
  • Life, Animated (2016)
  • The Great Gatsby (2000)
  • Walking Shadow (2001)

So on and so forth.

Use this guide to your advantage to figure out what channel is A&E on DirecTV in your area and feel free to call 1-866-996-2797 in case of further questions.

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