Bounce is a cable and satellite television entertainment channel owned by Katz Broadcasting. The channel offers the perfect mix of original and curated programming targeting the African American population between the ages of 29-50 years. Martin Luther King III (the oldest living child of MLK Jr. and former mayor of Atlanta, GA) along with others was in the founding team of Bounce TV in 2011. Fun Fact: The name Bounce TV opted as a branding choice depicting the brand is going somewhere with high energy. The channel covers 81% of the US largely via OTA digital television (aka digital terrestrial television).

Top Bounce TV Programs
Dying to be Famous
A docuseries examining the death of Ryan Singleton, an aspiring model whose body was mysteriously found in the Mojave Desert with all its vital organs missing.
The show, currently revived for the fourth season, follows the lives of the Greenleaf family. Otherwise church born, the family carries several scandalous secrets and lies.
Everybody Hates Chris
With a 95% Tomatometer rating, the show depicts the misadventures of a teen growing up in 1980s Brooklyn. With an eccentric family to put the cherry on top.
Law and Order
The show is a Police Crime and Legal Drama series that runs in two parts where the first half investigates the crime and the second half covers the prosecution.
The 37 episode series explores the famed case of the 90s, California v OJ Simpson where he was charged with 2-count murder of his ex-wife and her friend after a 9-month long trial.
The Game
The show follows the on-field lives of professional football players and the off-field lives of their wives. Where the women of their lives work to get them the best endorsements, managers, and whatnot.

Bounce on Spectrum:

From Kahului to DC, Bounce is the perfect entertainment stop for you to stay updated with just what you need to know. Spectrum cable offers Bounce in two of its cable packages so you don’t have to go broke wanting to watch your favorite TV channel. Starting from Spectrum Select Package with 216 channels, at $44.99/mo., to Spectrum Silver Package with 235 channels at $69.99/mo. to as many as 340 channels by Spectrum Gold Packages beginning at $89.99/mo. Spectrum’s affordable packages and consistent pricing across the US make it super convenient for you to subscribe to it anywhere you want.

Bounce Channel Numbers on Spectrum

Finding your favorite channel number from a plethora of channels offered by Spectrum is like finding a needle in the haystack. Nonetheless, one has to go through this hassle, all the while enjoying a whole lot of channels that too at a ridiculously low price. Hence, to ease things a little bit for you, we have listed down channel numbers for Bounce on Spectrum for some of the areas. So, if your area or city isn’t mentioned below, type the details here and you will be redirected to a page with all the channel details you need.

City/State Bounce TV
Clarksville, Tennessee 181
Beverly Hills, California 1281
Litchfield County, Connecticut 187
Monroe, Michigan 196
Kahului, Hawaii 455
Hammond, Louisiana 186
Indianapolis, Indiana 363
Louisville, Kentucky 194
Blountstown, Florida 222
Athens, Georgia 188/194
Berlin, Massachusetts 189
Picayune, Mississippi 186
Bergen Co., New Jersey 1280
Montgomery, Alabama 192
Brooklyn, New York 1280
Cincinnati, Ohio 992
Centralia, Illinois 188
Clover, South Carolina 1255
Waverly, Virginia 192
Burlington, North Carolina 1260

Frequently Asked Questions about Bounce on Spectrum

Still have some questions on your mind? Here’s more:

Is Bounce TV free on Roku?

A Roku subscription offers free access to ten of the Bounce TV programs including Family Time, Mann & Wife, The Newlywed Game, My Crazy Roommate, etc.

Where can I watch Bounce TV?

You can watch Bounce TV via any of the three Spectrum cable packages. Moreover, you can download Bounce TV app free via Google Play Store or Apple Store and watch your favorite shows on-the-move.