Cox Communications provides cable internet service in 19 states, which makes it the third-largest cable internet provider in America. This company is one of the country's leading telecommunications businesses, serving approximately 20.9 million people. Cox doesn’t just offer internet service to its customers. You can also expect to get cable TV, home phone, home automation, and home security services with Cox, if available in your area.

To help you out with some of your concerns, we will answer the following most-asked questions about Cox’s coverage in detail in this blog:

  • What areas does Cox Communications service?
  • How can you check Cox's availability in your area?
  • What are the best Cox internet plans?

What Areas does Cox Communications Service?

Cox services are offered in multiple states in America. However, the provider’s coverage zones do not cover the majority of each state. Its services are largely available in city and suburban regions in most states.

For example, Cox is the primary cable provider in San Diego and Santa Barbara, but not in other California areas like Fresno or San Francisco. The service provider is available just outside the city limits in several places, such as Cleveland, Ohio, and Washington D.C.

Cox Coverage Areas

The following are the areas where it will be easier for you to get internet services from Cox.

Arkansas Arizona Connecticut
Florida Louisiana Massachusetts
Oklahoma California Georgia
Iowa Missouri North Carolina
Rhode Island Virginia Idaho
Kansas Nebraska Ohio

How Can I Check Cox’s Availability in my Area?

The process of checking the availability of any internet service provider is very simple. That time has gone when you had to go to a store to find out the serviceability of a specific internet service provider in your area. Run a simple zip code search in LocalCableDeals’ advanced search engine and the list of companies providing services in your area will pop up on your screen. The best part is that you will also get access to all the latest Cox Internet promotions. Go to and find out if Cox is available in your area or not.

Furthermore, if you have any concerns regarding the services or the plans, you can connect to Cox by calling at 1-855-814-6044 and can get answers to all your queries.

What are the Best Cox Internet Plans?

Cox offers multiple internet plans because it understands that the speed requirements vary from customer to customer. Some customers are cool with having a basic internet plan, whereas some customers like to get blazing fast internet speeds. To cater to all its customers’ needs, Cox offers a nice variety of plans.

Cox Internet Plans Download Speed Data Cap Place Your Order
Cox Internet Gigablast Up to 1 Gbps 1280 GB 1-855-814-6044
Cox Internet Ultimate Up to 500 Mbps 1280 GB 1-855-814-6044
Cox Internet Preferred Up to 250 Mbps 1280 GB 1-855-814-6044
Cox Internet Essential Up to 100 Mbps 1280 GB 1-855-814-6044

Summing it up

Cox Communications offers a variety of choices to customers when it comes to internet services. Each plan offered by Cox supports a different speed tier, so it's easier for people to choose what they want. If you are lucky enough to get Cox, don’t think twice, just go for it. To see what areas does Cox Communications service, refer to the list of states covered above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cox available near me?

Cox is currently available in around 19 states. To check the availability of Cox cable in your area, visit

Does Cox offer fiber internet?

Cox offers its internet service via the coaxial cable connection, and often, hybrid-fiber-coaxial, but not pure fiber.

Does Cox offer a TV service?

Yes, Cox offers TV, home phone, and home security services along with internet service.

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