The world is going through the worst crisis right now. Trade has been stopped, flights have been canceled and streets are giving a deserted look. The economy is on the verge of clashing and life has come to a halt due to the emergence of epidemic Covid-19 coronavirus. The virus that first emerged in Wuhan, China, has now spread throughout the world. World leaders are in complete despair and are desperate to devise a solution to control the spread of the virus.

In this challenging and alarming situation, Verizon has stepped forward to support its employees and serve the customers better than ever before, keeping in mind the public’s safety. No matter, what calamity hits the world, whether it be in the form of floods, hurricanes, storms or earthquakes, Verizon’s network is engineered to perform at par.

At present when the world is facing the worst crisis, Verizon’s priority is to serve customers, employees and society to stay connected with their clients, associates, and family. Presently, Verizon is vigilantly observing network usage in the worst-hit areas. Verizon is working day and night to ensure uninterrupted and seamless network connectivity across the United States to serve hospitals, government agencies and of course the consumers as well.

The company is constantly providing updates to enterprises, employees, and customers on network performance to offer them support and help for their connectivity needs. Moreover, the company is also providing tips to the consumers on how to work in the present scenario. Verizon’s wireless and fiber optic networks are scalable to meet the erratic demands of the customers.

Let’s have a look at what Verizon is doing to help customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Net Internet Plan for Low-Income Families

In this hard time, Verizon has announced plans for low-income households on Fios Broadband. The internet service provider is offering a discount on Fios broadband for new customers. While for existing customers on the Lifeline discount program, the service charges for two months are waived off.

CEO Verizon Consumer Group, Ronan Dunne said, “We understand the problems that the majority of customers are facing in this hard time, and we will make sure to offer them broadband connectivity”.

As most of the people in the United States work and learn remotely, having a stable and affordable internet is more important than in the past.

The existing lifeline customers including broadband and home voice can enjoy free services for the next two months. To avail this offer, one must have a Lifeline discount on home voice line or broadband as of March 20, 2020.

If that is not enough, then wait until April 3, as new broadband discounts will be readily available for new internet customers qualifying for the Lifeline program. Customers can choose any speed from “Mix and Match” plan to receive a rebate of $20/month. For instance, new customers can subscribe to Fios Home Internet 200/200Mbps service for $19.99 per month with Disney for one year along with router rental charges waived off for the first two months. Moreover, customers can also benefit from additional promotions offered for new home internet subscribers.

Plan Price (After Discount)
200/200 Mbps $19.99 per month
400/400 Mbps $39.99
Gigabit Connection $59.99 per month with Fios Router

Good News for Wireless and Small Business Customers

Small business and wireless customers can enjoy 15 GB of additional data without extra charges from March 25 to April 30. Moreover, new customers can also benefit from this additional data.

Small Business Postpaid and Verizon Consumers can get additional 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot data with their existing plan.

While for prepaid consumers and small business postpaid customers, 15GB will be accrued to existing shared data plans or standalone plans.

Standalone metered and unlimited Jetpack plans can also enjoy additional 15Gb 4G LTE data.

To get additional data to the aforementioned plans, you do not need to do anything. The data will be added to your plan automatically.

Note: Consumer wireless plan available since 2015 are entitled to this additional data. This includes:

  • Small business customers of 50 lines or less
  • More Everything
  • Verizon Plan 1.0
  • Verizon Plan 2.0
  • New Verizon Plan for Business
  • Flexible Business
  • Verizon Unlimited Plan
  • All Business Unlimited Plans